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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paper Dolls and old Photos

This Dbl frame pic is my Father and Mother My Grandfather Philip O'Hearn and Grandfather Nicolas Condessa
HAPPY THURSDAY ARLREADY!! I cannot believe that it is nearing the weekend! I have been working on my book and blogs along with the regular mundane duties we housewifes have every day and the time has flown!! I am having trouble getting a hit counter on this blog. I had one and it appears to be gone. Anyone know what to do to solve my problem? I tried to download a new one but it tells me I already have a counter for this blog. Go figure!

In researching for my book I have taken pictures of old family photos. My brother has contributed some of the photos to me via e-mail through the years and I treasure them. My father was a health and fitness man who worked out. I love this picture of him in the old timey swimsuit of the twenties. My brother's website is My older sister, Mary Catherine has also provided photos for me as her hobby as a teen and young adult was photography. Without her photos during our childhood, there may not have been any pictues of my brother and myself. She is a young 77 with a wonderful sense of humor. My father had a wonderful sense of humor and I think he passed that gift on to all of his children. Please visit Karen at who is featuring a free charming Paper Doll. This is one of the greatest sites!
Poem written during stressful times several years ago,
like all of us experience through our jouney in life:
by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
And the rain still falls on the gloomy day
and sadness still reigns in the faithful heart.
Will there ever be a place for the humble spirit to grow
Will there ever be a time when God's gifts given will flow?
I bring nothing but a loving heart
And the gifts I long to share
I seek only to serve you Lord,
Please answer now, my prayer.

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