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Friday, December 28, 2012

Feral Cat and Mallards

The wild house cats in our neighborhood always hang around the house across the pond because no one stays there year round.  This multicolored one came down to the water to drink and was only a few feet from the Mallard couples who did not mind him a bit. And he merely drank paying them no mind and then went on his way...

I would guess that the cat weighs close to 20 lbs.  You can see how big he is in relation to the Mallard's size which is large!

There is always something going on in my little backyard haven that I view daily from my den window.  I am blessed.                                                
My wild heart to yours...

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Darrell, me, Jess and Christopher taken 
 First get together with Granddaughter Jessica and Christopher
 Chihuahua, LILLY in her Santa sweater-hahaha!

Jessica and Chris expecting the end of January 

Daughter, Barbie wearing the new pearl necklace I gave to her.

Second get together with daughter Christine (middle) and grandchildren Rosemary and Grandson Seth on Christmas Day.

My little tree...  First Christmas without my beloved Bill. Very hard emotionally. But we all were celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus.
And in keeping with my backyard critters, the mallard couples returned and were dunking for food in the little lake behind the house...

And the great Blue Heron came to visit.  The Merganser duck couple came too but they are so swift and dive completely under water so I was not able to snap a picture good enough to post.
Thank you so much for coming and I hope your CHRISTmas was wonderful and that your NEW YEAR will be bright with promise and blessings!

I am looking forward to a brighter New Year with the Great Granddaughter- to-be the end of January.  Something wonderful to look forward to.
My wild heart to yours...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Bradford Pear tree and the leaves that I made the roses from ( see ) also bears fruit.  The pear is so so tiny, smaller than a small acorn.  It smells like a pear when broken open but is not edible.  However the birds love them and so do the squirrels.  All in all, a beautiful decorative tree for landscaping, blooms white in the spring, very vivid green in summer and the most wonderful oranges, red and rust in fall.

Bradford Pear Trees are very hearty and have a natural shaping.

Spring blossoms.


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My Wild hear to yours....

Friday, November 23, 2012


There are always wild cats in our neighborhood and I love watching their antics at the lake.  Today one came and was down at the bank of the little lake drinking just a foot or two away from the Mallard Couple.

 Lovely reflections....

 Mr and Mrs. Mallard, my resident couple :)

I think this is a female cat, she is so pretty.  The male cat that I have posted pictures of previously is black and white.
Always something new in my backyard wildlife studies.  The squirrel was here at the same time.  Love all the critters!

And the squirrel watched from the Bradford Pear Tree all the time I was taking the photos.
Thank you for visiting.  I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with great food, friends and family.
My wild heart to yours...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Huntington Beach SC trip

Saturday, my daughter Barbara and Darrell invited me along to a trip to Hungtington Beach, SC.  It is only minutes away from where I live and we go there often to take pictures of the wonderful wildlife as you know.  This time we were surprised to see flocks of Pelicans!  I have never been this close to them before.  Usually they are flying just barely above the ocean waves and not too near the shore.  So it was our lucky day!

They were so large and beautiful all facing the wind and sitting in a sun spot on a tiny patch of land in the marsh.

And here is a Stilt above running in the shallows and below are 2 Egrets fishing in the marsh.

Then we came upon this beautiful Blue Heron walking along the causeway bank in the dried grass.

This is a foot print in the shallow water in the sand, perhaps a Raccoon? 

All in all, another wonderful visit!

If you have time, go to my TWO Happy blog for pictures of Fall leaves finally in SC!  Thanks for following and come again soon!

Almost forgot this beautiful picture of wild flowers, love the lavender color on these "tiny whisk brooms".

My wild heart to yours...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Wood Storks are back... and courtesy request

I don't know how they did this but  "A Christian View" was able to post on my blog site this morning without my permission as a new post linking them from my site to theirs.  I request that this not happen again.  This is a personal blog that I have created and do not want to promote another's blog or views.  Anyone who would like to link to my site at the very bottom of posts is welcome to do so if the content is in relation to my subject matter.  All other invasion of my blog site is prohibited according to my Copyright.  Thank you.

Good morning dear friends and family.  On a happier note, the Storks are back on the little lake behind my home. 
 The Wood Stork is the only Stork in America.  It is locally common in Southern swamps, marshes, and ponds.  The bill is long and thick; adult's dark head is un-feathered.  Immature has a paler head and neck; yellow bill and is feathered.  Wood Storks fly with neck and legs extended; often soars.  Wingbeats are slow, powerful and audible.  It feeds on fish, reptiles, and amphibians.  Nests in colonies in trees.  Their call is of humming notes.
 When observing them at Huntington Beach State Park in this area, you can see them by the hundreds and watch them fly to the trees in the marsh at sunset to roost for the night.  It is so amazing to watch.

So when they grace the little lake/pond behind my home, I am so blessed!

They walk along the shallow banks, digging at the lake bed, stirring up some food, and eating it.  So much fun to watch.  They are a very large bird in the crane family.  They measure a yard in length and wingspan is 66 inches across!  I had never seen one until I lived in South Carolina.  Such a thrill.

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My Wild Heart to Yours....