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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Huntington Beach SC trip

Saturday, my daughter Barbara and Darrell invited me along to a trip to Hungtington Beach, SC.  It is only minutes away from where I live and we go there often to take pictures of the wonderful wildlife as you know.  This time we were surprised to see flocks of Pelicans!  I have never been this close to them before.  Usually they are flying just barely above the ocean waves and not too near the shore.  So it was our lucky day!

They were so large and beautiful all facing the wind and sitting in a sun spot on a tiny patch of land in the marsh.

And here is a Stilt above running in the shallows and below are 2 Egrets fishing in the marsh.

Then we came upon this beautiful Blue Heron walking along the causeway bank in the dried grass.

This is a foot print in the shallow water in the sand, perhaps a Raccoon? 

All in all, another wonderful visit!

If you have time, go to my TWO Happy blog for pictures of Fall leaves finally in SC!  Thanks for following and come again soon!

Almost forgot this beautiful picture of wild flowers, love the lavender color on these "tiny whisk brooms".

My wild heart to yours...


Seema said...

Lovely pics...we live not far from this beach...we love watching the dogs play fetch at their beach....never seen so many birds...perhaps, its migratory season, thats why they are showing up..

Seema said...

I think you have written about South Carolina...i thought, its South is a Huntington beach too..