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Monday, July 26, 2010

Must See Video

THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO IF YOU LOVE MUSIC(ESPECIALLY OPERA) AND YOUTH OF TODAY!  A wonderful Face Book Friend posted it this morning and we enjoyed not only this video but kept clicking on "next" and saw some of the most marvelous things!  I hope you enjoy this site as much as hubby and I did!  Just click above on "must see video".

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Book Arrived

OUR blog book arrived yesterday and is beautiful!!  It is not a for sale book, but rather for us to remember all the posts that we have made on this blog from February to Mid-July.  The quality is just beautiful and we are so pleased.

WE ordered it from and it was recommended by a Face Book friend.  Many thanks to Karen for her guidance!
The book includes all the wonderful photos that we have both taken and even some of my ancesters which is thrilling to see in print!  Just wanted to share with you.  Thanks for visiting and come back soon.  We are going away on Tuesday and will be gone for a week to visit our son and family in our hometown and also attend my 50th class reunion next Saturday.  Cannot wait! 
God Bless!

♥ Kerrie

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mockingbirds This Morn...

These dear sweet "teen" Mockingbirds came tot he suet this morning and I just loved watching their antics.  Even though they can eat perfectly well by themselves, they still beg when the Mother comes near, fluttering their wings and opening their mouths to beg-ha!  I never get tired of watching them.

Here is one begging while his sibling feeds himself.  The mother was on the Crook above him and he is opening his mouth, expecting her to feed him.
The reflection in the water was so clear this morning.

Mama, Mama, feed me please!
Just once more, is my plea.
I know that I can do it Mom
But won't you give me some?

  I promise, I'll be grown up~
  Tomorrow when I come to sup
  But just for one more sunny day,
  Can you still feed your babe in the same old way?
           ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Thanks for visiting my Korner today and come back soon. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today when we woke, a great Egret came to visit as he usually does but instead of landing on the bank, he landed in the maple tree on the opposite side of our little lake.  I slid the den window open and snapped a couple of pictures before he flew farther down the lake to the bank. 
We love seeing all the birds and critters so much and never tire of them.
   There is no relief from the hot spell we are having here in SC with high humidity to boot!  I am really looking forward to fall this year but do not want to wish my summer away!
  I have been busy doing alterations for neighbors (shortening slacks, jeans and shorts)  But we are still hoping we can leave for our hometown next week for a class reunion before Hubby goes back on chemotherapy for the Multiple Myeloma. 
  The little garden is just about burned up since the "Monster Cucumber"-ha!  But the tomato plants have new blossoms and we are hoping to have a new crop of them soon.  My red onion is multiplying under the ground and sending up new shoots!  It was growing roots in my vegetable bin and had started a green shoot.  So I planted it and now 2 bulbs are showing just at the surface of the dirt and the other shoot is coming up about 5 inches away!  Love watching the miracle of how things grow!
Isn't this a darling young Blue Bird?  I call them "teens" at this stage of developement and they are so beautiful.  The suet block certainly attracts a lot of different birds!  At first the mother would come with the little one, take some suet and feed him.  Then he got the idea and comes to feed by himself now.

Hope you are enjoying our critters as much as we do.  Have a super day and come back soon to visit us in our little corner of the world...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Beating the Heat!

HELLO SWEET FRIENDS!  Another hot day here in Garden City, SC.  My computer tells me it is 91 in my area but my shed thermometer says 98 in the shade and it feels like the latter!  So I stay inside looking out my den window at all of life in the back yard and lake.  The Myrtle Crepe are in full bloom everywhere now and I love the bright pinks of their large clustered blossams!

Our neighbors trees are trimmed very neat but ours are doing their own thing- ha!

 And reaching for the sky!

I am loving their hearty clusters of crepey beautiful blooms.
And our Resident Frog is fun to watch as he surveys his little kingdom from the lily pond.  He is quite large and I have never seen one like this before.  I have tried sketching him as he is so much fun to see, almost cartoonish.

And this is as close as Hubby could get in his excitement when seeing this great Wood Stork visiting our little lake.  We were all so excited!  He was so big and his shadow on the ground while he was flying overhead, was a sight to see!
   And while this picture was shooting against the sun and in shadow, at least the immenseness of this bird was captured as he fed along the shore.  How blessed we are to see him!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Lucky us, we live in Garden City which is only about 10 minutes away from downtown Myrtle Beach.  Last week when Hubby had a good day, we went to visit the new Boardwalk.  It runs from 3rd Avenue to 14th Avenue Pier on the ocean side and is truly a beautiful work of art!  You are now able to enter all the unique shops, restaurants, arcade, ice cream stands, etc. from the boardwalk and still view the ocean front!  We were there about an hour, walked the whole time except for getting ice cream and of course stopping in at the Gay Dolphin to just look at all the shells, jewelry and unique gifts. 

This was entitled "World's Largest Inflatible Water Slide" and hubby estimated it at 3 stories high!  It is a city block long and is in a clear lot across from Ripley's Believe It or Not and borders a part of the boardwalk. 

Boardwalks are a great Tourist attraction and are very good for business in Myrtle Beach or wherever they are.  The Chamber of Commerce is happy with this addition and there are some businesses interested in moving to the area as they know the boardwalk will bring a lot of visitors as well as locals to walk, eat, and enjoy the beach.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of this latest addition and that you will visit the area sometime in the near future to see for yourself.  I have not been down there at night as yet but I am looking forward to seeing the lovely nostalgic lamplights at night all along the walk!
God Bless and come again soon.  Hubby has been having some bad days with the Multiple Myeloma so I have not been posting.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Thanks!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Ahhh....Summer Rain


There is one lone tomato on the Topsy Turvey vine planter.
It has been so terrible hot that our little vegetables in back of the shed (unseen here) have suffered greatly.  And although the cucumber vine is beautiful, each new little cucumber shrivels and dies.  But at least we had our one monster one-ha!

Summer Rain
         ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
How I love the summer rain,
The sound of droplets on window pane,
The silver splashes upon the lake
And thirsty plants - a drink they take
And grass looks greener than before
When last I stepped outside the door.

Ah, summer rain! I love the peace,
A quiet time to write a poetry piece
Or curl up with a lovely book
With kitty in a cozy nook
And all the housework I forsook.
For a lovely summer rain!

Ever since I was a little girl I loved the rain!  I couldn't wait to don rubber boots and an umbrella to take a walk around the block.  I loved the smell of the rain on the hot sidewalk and the quietness...
In summer when it was really hot, my father let my brother and I put on bathing suits and run in the rain if there was not too much thunder and lightening.  He would tell us, "just don't touch metal" - ha!  That was the best.  We were very poor when we were small and envied our friends who went to the lake in their parent's car or had little pools in their yard.  My older sister would fill the washtub with ice cold water and we would jump in and out freezing our ankles but cooling off!  We had no car due to my father's handicap and my Mom never drove.  Once in a great while, Mama would take us on the bus to the Lake and it was such a treat!  She would let us swim or wade in the shallow, clear lake water and then we would walk around the "island" where there were miniature boat rides in a circle, a little train that ran on tracks and a midway with games.  The Park is still there on the Lake in our hometown but the games and rides are long gone.  I treasure the memories that are kept alive by my brother who writes and publishes O'Hearn's Histories in Auburn, New York.  If you are from Central New York, you must visit and stroll down memory lane with this wonderful monthly paper.  Link is:
Have a wonderful day and do come again soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Had to share this beautiful painting by Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage!  I have known Donna as a blog sister and friend for some time now and am always amazed at her diverse interests and abilities.  She is one amazing person!  I love the antics of her dogs, "Otis and Riley" and never tire of her wonderful paintings of these two faithful friends.  Donna loves beauty and nature and her paintings, garden art, birdhouses, and magical flower and herb gardens are a testimony.  I am always refreshed after visiting and even though I have featured Donna before, I felt she was worthy of notice again.  Donna also has an Etsy on line shop (Link is in her blog) where you can purchase her wonderful creations and artwork.  Do give her a visit and tell her Kerrie sent you on over!
I just love the name of Donna's blog and need to find a suitable subtitle for mine like that!  Hmmm!  Bears a lot of thought and I don't want to strain my brain-LOL!  I love these old cards.  This one is so sweet with the children having a tea party.  I love Victorian pictures and the era, it is so romantic.
   I live about 2 hrs. away from Charleston, SC and since living in the South this past 21 yrs., I have become absorbed by its history.  I used to think how romantic it was in the "old days".  We visit Charleston whenever we get a chance and we never tire of the sights and carriage rides.  On one of these, our guide was telling about the ladies literally dancing holes in their slippers at a ball and sending a servant home to fetch another pair!  It was not all romance as I had pictured it as he told us that the lifespan of women was only in the 40's and 50 yrs. due to disease, lack of medication, dying in childbirth, etc.  The men did not live much longer, either.  Nutrition was bad and if you look at uniforms from that era of the South, people were short of stature and the women mostly petite.  I cannot imagine how hot it must have been wearing the heavy cumbersome gowns in the heat of Charleston most of the year!  Still, it was romantic and beautiful as evidenced by the homes, carriage houses, cobblestone streets, elegant furnishings and gardens that can be visited to catch a glimpse of the past in this wonderfully historical place!  Everyone should visit Charleston at least once in a lifetime.
    TA-TA for now sweet friends, come again soon.  I will have the kettle on and the table set in the garden for tea.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mid Week Musings

Ahh!  Tomorrow is Wednesday and already the middle of the week!  There is always so much to do and the days go so fast! The weather has been great here in SC for the last week.  Yes, it is southern temps but breezy and not so humid.  Hubby and I sat down by the little lake in back of the house in our reclining lawn chairs for a bit this afternoon.  It was heavenly.  There are always plenty of critters to join us!
This little "teen" Blue Bird has learned to eat from the suet by himself but still begs when his mother is near.
And here is a  black Starling eating pieces of Suet that have fallen to the ground.

I love this card I found on line in graphics!  Wouldn't it make a great book mark or book plate if you superimposed your name on it?  I like to collect them for cardmaking but I have quite a stash on the computer and need to transfer them to CD's for storage.  I am a papercraft junkie and there is no cure for me! Ha!  My own painting easel looks just like this and I am wanting to get back to painting so badly.  Right now I am into finishing up my quilt projects but after that, I will be doing some painting.
     What are your projects right now?  I would love to hear, leave a comment.  Thank you for visiting and please visit my other blogs in the sidebar and my Etsy Shop for fun things to see and buy priced very reasonably!

Kerrie ♥

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Glitter Graphics

Glitter Star Graphics

Vintage picture of women sewing an American Flag.  Won't find anyone doing this now days!

I hope you are all celebrating the 4th and please be safe!  There are more accidents on the 4th than at any other holiday, especially for children.  Be very careful with fireworks and attend a safe public display rather than trying to make your own show.