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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today when we woke, a great Egret came to visit as he usually does but instead of landing on the bank, he landed in the maple tree on the opposite side of our little lake.  I slid the den window open and snapped a couple of pictures before he flew farther down the lake to the bank. 
We love seeing all the birds and critters so much and never tire of them.
   There is no relief from the hot spell we are having here in SC with high humidity to boot!  I am really looking forward to fall this year but do not want to wish my summer away!
  I have been busy doing alterations for neighbors (shortening slacks, jeans and shorts)  But we are still hoping we can leave for our hometown next week for a class reunion before Hubby goes back on chemotherapy for the Multiple Myeloma. 
  The little garden is just about burned up since the "Monster Cucumber"-ha!  But the tomato plants have new blossoms and we are hoping to have a new crop of them soon.  My red onion is multiplying under the ground and sending up new shoots!  It was growing roots in my vegetable bin and had started a green shoot.  So I planted it and now 2 bulbs are showing just at the surface of the dirt and the other shoot is coming up about 5 inches away!  Love watching the miracle of how things grow!
Isn't this a darling young Blue Bird?  I call them "teens" at this stage of developement and they are so beautiful.  The suet block certainly attracts a lot of different birds!  At first the mother would come with the little one, take some suet and feed him.  Then he got the idea and comes to feed by himself now.

Hope you are enjoying our critters as much as we do.  Have a super day and come back soon to visit us in our little corner of the world...


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Kerrie what a delightful post, A most heart warming read and the photo's are superb.


Donna said...

I love seeing all the birds that come to visit you, Kerrie.
It's really HOT here too and no relief in sight.

Stay cool!

Micki said...

I love our pics!
Great photography!