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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lonely Mrs. Mallard

Mrs. Mallard came this morning all alone!!  Her spouse was not with her and I am worrying that something has happened to him as they are never apart.  It has rained all day and she has been hanging out by our window and under the den roof overhang for hours.  She kept fluttering her beautiful wings like a baby wanting to be fed and kept staring at the lake as if calling to him.  I hope he is MIA and not a casualty!!
I was able to download the video to YouTube but had to add it above as it did not show full screen in my sidebar.  This is the first time I ever attempted to film and download a video, success is mine-ha! 
Other visitors from yesterday afternoon:
My daughter's favorite squirrel, the one that hangs out in the bird house when it rains-LOL!
Robin the hunter.  He can find something in the ground to eat quick as can be and pulls a morsel right up!
Mocking bird loved the Suet yesterday and kept coming back for more.
And this beautiful Thrush was on the ground under the suet finding things in the soil as well.  The Thrush is in the same family species as the Robin.

More Azalea's are out now and also the little Dogwood between our neighbor's side yard and ours.  For pictures, go to TWO HAPPY.

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Nothing like a BlueBird of Happiness to brighten your days.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Join me for Tea Tuesday....

It is Tea Tuesday again and we are celebrating with Donna at Coming Home and others....
  Here is the recipe for Mock Devonshire Cream to go with the Scone recipe I posted last Tuesday.

1 cup sour cream
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2-3 heaping tablespoons sifted powdered sugar

Whisk sour and whipping cream together in small bowl. Pour into a glass jar and seal.  Leave the mixture on the counter overnight.  The morning of tea, put the jar in frig. (refrig. life is 2 wks)
  If you like a sweet cream, add the powdered sugar before pouring into the glass jar the eve before.  Serve on scones, cobblers or other fruity desserts-YUM!
And a cold spring!

    Last week it was like early summer, with high temps, Azaleas blooming and Bluebirds looking to see which birdhouse to nest in our back yard.  Now it has been raining for 3 days and temps in the upper 30's.  It seems winter has returned. 
      So I sip tea and dream of the warm days coming back.  I covered my Zucchini sprouts with another flower pot to keep it from cringing in the cold!
      What could be more comforting than a nice cup of tea with friends??

   Interesting Tea facts:
   LOW TEA is also called afternoon tea .  It is called low tea because it was served on low tables beside one's chair.  Made with real tea, never a tea bag.
   HIGH TEA is served with a meal, and you can have meat dishes as well as the sweets served with tea.
   LIGHT TEA is a version of afternoon tea and is a treat with scones, sweets and choice of tea.
   FULL TEA is a 4-course tea with sandwichies, scones, sweets, dessert and choice of tea.  The finger sandwich is what separates this from the light tea serving.
   When I was a small girl, my parents let me have a watered down version of green tea made from loose green tea leaves with sugar and milk.  Often this was enjoyed at lunch time with a sandwich and my favorite with green tea was Tuna Fish salad sandwiches.  I still love green tea but mostly use tea bags now.  Over the weekend my grown granddaughter who is in college now, came over and we shared a cup of tea together--good times to remember...

  And in High School my friend would have me come for lunch and her mother would make us buttered cucumber sandwiches--I love them to this day!

   Be sure to visit Donna at "Comin' Home" for Tuesday Tea and see links to others who share on Tuesdays.
   Thank you for visiting and do come over for tea again soon!  We love your company.
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Rain, Rain go away!

It's raining, It's Pouring, the old man is snoring!
He bumped his head against the bed
And couldn't get up in the morn-ning!

If you sang that when you were a child, you are old --like me-ha!  It has been raining for three days now, gloomy, gloomy!  And after temps in the 70's and 80's last week, it is back to winter and 41 degrees again.  Come On SPRING!!!

Yesterday, the squirrels got caught in the rain and made a bee-line for the large bird house on our tree in back that they took over.  Too funny as they sat there watching the rain.
Here he (or she) is after scrambling through the rain and peeking back out of the hole they chewed to acommodate their size.  It is so funny to see them!
As the rain tapered off, he emerged to check out the situation and hung in the opening for a while.
Once the rain sufficiently let up, he got down and searched the whole yard for peanuts in the shell that he buries one day and digs up the next-ha!
We are so blessed with all of our critters in the back yard and they all seem to live harmoniously with others and with us.

At dusk, a large raccoon was on the opposite bank of the lake running along the water edge and then started to swim across towards the yard.  We all ran to the window and that must have spooked him so he turned around and went back disappearing into a duct pipe.  Last year we saw a family of them every night at dusk come down to the lake to fish and eat.  Hopefully, we well get some pictures as they seem to come the same time each eve.

But rainy days are good days for getting things done inside, reading, crafting (See my Egg Carton Tulips at Kerrie's Krafts 3) or you could wash and Iron:
Or sew something...

Or......You could just chill out which is what hubby is doing-LOL!  This is not my cat but our ragdoll also knows how to chill out....

Sweet Isabella napping on "HER" couch in the den with her toys.  Nervous, isn't she? LOL!!

come back soon and visit with us again. we love your company!  And if you have time, please visit our other blogsites that are linked in the sidebar-THANKS!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Pink Saturday Azaleas

GOOD PINK SATURDAY MORNING TO YOU!!  I AM FEATURING ALL THE PINK AZALEAS THAT ARE BEGINNING TO BLOOM IN MY BACK YARD!  Don't forget to visit our Pink Saturday Founder, Beverly at for the list of all participants so you can see all the lovely pinks!!  I hope you will join in sometime or every time for Pink Saturday.  Enjoy!!
The miniature Azaleas always comes out to bloom first every year.  These blossoms are about the size of a quarter. 
They are so precious.  We have both light and dark pinks.
This is a normal size blossom and they are just starting to bud and open as you can see.  These blossoms are as big as daffodils.

We have a long row of these bushes on the side of our back yard, they will be just solid soon with the blooms so much so that they hide the leaves!
This is my Crown of Thorns plant that was started from a tiny shoot that my Mom cut from her plant.  I have had it for at least 15 yrs.  It is now chest high on me and about 2 1/2 feet in circumfrence.  We bring it in at wintertime and then it stays outside all summer.  It never stops blossoming.
I do not know the name of this beautiful ornamental tree but it is so beautiful.  We found it on our hunt today for Wisteria Vine that is blooming everywhere in SC right now.  I will be posting those pictures on my  TWO HAPPY blog Saturday also.

Thanks for coming and do come again soon! 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tea Tuesday and Scones Recipe

Oh Goodness, I'm late, I'm Late for Tea Tuesday!!  A very important date!  It's time for Tea!
Would you like a little Honey in your tea? A touch of cream?
Tomorrow is my birthday and I already have received some cards displayed at the back of the table.... 
 This is my favorite cup, it matches nothing-ha!
   And this is my beautiful loose Tea Brewing cup complete with lid!!
 Do you like my cloth napkins with crocheted shell edging? I sell these in my Etsy Shop when I restock it which will be soon.
 Below is a Kitty Sugar bowl that my daughter found in an Antique shop.  I used to have the Teapot, sugar and creamer when the children were little and it is now gone, sadly.  But when she saw it she thought I would like it for the memories and that perhaps I could use it as a planter....
"There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea."  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Mix the flour and baking powder.  Add butter until mixture is crumbly.  Add milk and eggs. Mix into dough consistency.  Roll dough to 1 to 1 1/4 inches thick.  Use a round 2 1/2 inch cookie cutter to cut out the scones, and place them on a buttered baking sheet.  For best results, let the uncooked scones chill in the refrigerator for 30 min.  Bake 20-25 min.  Serve with Devonshire cream and preserves.  ( Recipe for Devonshire cream next Tuesday!!)
   Thank you for coming for tea today and do come again soon.  Don't forget to go visit Donna at Coming Home for her party this morning.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Every Tuesday, my blogging friend Donna  has a tea party!  I think this is such a delightful idea for all of us that enjoy tea so much.  I am particularly fond of Green Tea and of Earl Gray teas.  My daughter bought 2 little coffee table books on tea at the book store and let me read them.  I found out so much about the history of tea!! 

But something I already knew from living in South Carolina is that The Charleston Tea Plantation is the only American grown tea.
About Us

The Charleston Tea Plantation is located on historic Wadmalaw Island in the heart of the Lowcountry of South Carolina. The history of the Island dates back to mid-June of 1666 when it is believed that Captain Robert Sanford and the crew of the Berkeley Bay landed on the shores of what is now known as Rockville, South Carolina. On June 23, 1666, he and his crew claimed the land for England and the Lords Proprietors. Today, Wadmalaw is considered to be one of Charleston's most unspoiled islands. It is approximately 10 miles long and 6 miles wide. The Island's only connection to the mainland is a bridge that crosses over Church Creek.

Home to the Charleston Tea Plantation, Wadmalaw provides the perfect environment for propagating tea. With its sandy soils, sub-tropical climate and average rainfall of 52 inches per year, Wadmalaw process idyllic conditions for the Camellia Sinensis plant. This plant is currently used to produce both black and green teas and exists in over 320 varieties on the 127 acre grounds of the Charleston Tea Plantation.

The Plantation sits right off Maybank Highway. Driving down Maybank is like taking a step back in time. Wadmalaw has not and cannot be commercially developed, therefore much of the land remains untouched. The Island is also home to other unique and historic attractions such as Irvin-House Vineyards, the only domestic winery in Charleston, South Carolina as well as the Angel Oak, a Live Oak tree that is believed to be over 1,500 years old.
Open 7 days a week, with the exception of a few holidays, the Charleston Tea Plantation is the perfect place to take a day trip. Bring the family, pack a lunch and enjoy the beauty of the tea fields. The experience is not only educational but more importantly one-of-a-kind. You will learn first-hand how tea is made during an informative Factory Tour. You can also take an enjoyable Trolley Ride through the tea fields, shop our unique Plantation Gift Shop and help yourself to all of the iced American Classic Tea you can drink.
  Back to joining Donna for Tuesday teas, here are some of my teacups, saucers and favorite pot...
Shamrock tea cup and saucer that was my Mom's.
My favorite Rooster cup and Saucer from Hubby.

Tea cups from my Mom's collection that are missing their saucers...
Teapot from hubby 2 Christmases ago.
And last but not least, my little aluminum 1-cup pot that is very thin walled and I never did use it for tea.  So I decided it would make a lovely pin cushion to keep on the kitchen counter, so here 'tis.
    Come back on Tuesday for more tea history and recipes!!
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Alice in Wonderland having tea with a friend....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Greeting...

 An Irish Bodhran drum......I would love to have one!
 A sweet Irish Cottage......

Enjoy your day, watch out for the little people underfoot that they don't play a joke on ye!
Thank 'e for visitin' and come back agin' soon, Macoushla!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Robins, Anhinga, Egret

The Anhinga came to visit on the little lake bank as he sat fishing in the sun.  Unlike other fowl, Anhinga's do not have oily feathers so they must rest between diving for fish to dry their wings.  Sometimes they sit in the sun for several minutes with their wings spread to dry.  Hubby got these pictures before he got too wet.

Then the Robin came to take a bath...

Last, the Egret came walking along the bank, also fishing.  He is so pretty and white in the sunshine.
I hope you enjoy seeing the wildlife that frequents our backyard, our little bit of heaven.  Hubby just finished making a place for sitting that is level on the bank today.  We are going to buy some molded plastic Adirondack chairs to put on it tomorrow.  The bench needs repairs and then will be somewhere else in the yard.
Bill and helper
Thank you for visiting and come back soon!!
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