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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Babies in SC

My Cup runneth over with the spring babies coming to my back yard!
These are the Canadian Goose Goslings.

Here is the Mama Mallard with her 12 ducklings close behind.

This was the first I had seen her new hatchlings.  She had brought them to eat the fallen seed from the feeder outside my window.  So precious!

Making their exit and on to the neighbors...

And then the graceful Mute Swan family, Mama leading, three signets following proudly and Papa guarding the rear.

Beautiful scene from my den window this morning, I am so blessed...

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My wild heart to yours...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dusk at Kerrie's Korner, SC

I love the beautiful sunsets all year around that I get to enjoy in my corner of the world.  The back deck as the motion light came on as the sun was setting.

 I love the warmth of the den lights at dusk and the peace of the yard.

Also the warmth of the living room light as light fades...

Reflections on the little lake as the sun leaves the sky...

Those of you who visit often know how much I love sunsets and feel as though God is saying Good Night.  I never get tired of seeing them.  They fill my heart with joy and calmness.  ♥

Isabella napping on my shoes.  Luv her.  Thank you for visiting and do come again.
My wild heart to yours...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Of Beasts and things...

Ahhhhh!  Spring!  You were a long time coming and you still are a little shy....
It is Spring here in SC where there seems to be no spring if you judge by temperatures!  Cold rainy winds and rain turn into hot summer temps and sunshine overnight it seems!  Today it has been raining but is 72 degrees, almost muggy-LOL!  But I am not complaining...
 Mourning dove in a planter.
Mourning dove couple in the bird bath.  Mourning Doves are the only birds that do not have to tilt their head to drink, they suck up the water much like a horse :)

The Azalea bushes are at their peak and a delight to the eye.  They are everywhere!

This raggedy mushroom is growing over what is left of a tree stump just under the surface of the dirt.

 I love this picture!  It is mistletoe, which is green year round growing in the branches of a Maple tree.  The red keys of the tree are a nice contrast against the blue sky.  Mistletoe grows wild here and can be seen in almost any tree.
 I have many clumps of Shamrocks around my yard and they blossom all through Spring, Summer and Fall.  Their lush green color and pink blossoms are a joy to behold.  They come back or stay all through the winter months.
These wonderful Wisteria blossoms have come out in full force on the little vine that my Bill started from a seed!  It took 2 years of growing before it had flowers but well worth the wait.  I am training it to climb the tree trunks in the side yard.

One of my flower pots on the side of the front steps with Mums in back, Geranium and Petunia front.
The mums come back every year wintering over.

This is the reflection of the Azalea bushes on the opposite bank, so pretty!  Thank you for visiting today and do come again soon.  If you have time, please visit my other blogs listed in the sidebar. :)

My wild heart to yours...