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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Okay, so I woke to a foot of snow! I'm ecstatic but my car suddenly realizes this isn't South Carolina any longer...I haven't bought my shovel yet so I sweep a path for my little Lilly Chihuahua and she tries to blazen her own trail through the snow until it is up to her pretty little chin and then she decides to wet on the sidewalk. I sweep a path to my car and barely make it to church on unplowed roads. 

What? The pianist/organist got in a fender bender last night and I am grabbed to play?  They overlook the news that I do not sight read notes-LOL!   However, I muddle through several hymns telling myself I am doing my best to make a Joyful noise unto the Lord. Well, I did get the noise part down pat! 

Leaving church, I drive to Lowe's on now plowed roads and buy a snow shovel, and 2 huge bells to hang on the front door, a scraper/brush for my car which is still looking for South Carolina.   Arriving home, I see that my wonderful neighbor has snow blown the front public sidewalk- Hurray! I then shovel where I swept before and am pleased that no heart attack ensued while executing this task.   Life is good, God is better...
♫♫Sleighbells ring, are ya listenin'? ♫♫

The view taken through the window screen of snow-covered Rose of Sharon Branches.

Thanks for coming!  Happy Thanksgiving Week to all of you!

My wild heart to yours...

Friday, November 15, 2013


'TIS THE SEASON OF THANKSGIVING... I am thanking God for Caregivers.  My house is decorated with the colors of Autumn and harvest in browns, oranges, reds and yellows.

I have a friend who had a stroke several years ago and she is in a wheelchair and for the most part housebound.  She lost her dear husband the same year I lost my Bill to cancer.  We have always had a common bond...
She gave me this beautiful fall bouquet as a surprise.  I bring her some homemade suppers once a week and we visit.  She raises amazing flowers and plants with just the use of her one hand.  She manages to live alone with her dog and except for a son who sleeps in the house, she is quite alone.  She never complains and I cherish our visits as we share our memories and her youth which is quite remarkable.  Here are some of her beautiful plants:

Don't foget to see other pink wonders at Beverly's How Sweet the sound because it is Pink Saturday again!!

I am blessed as much by our visits as she is and I treasure my times with her.  I remember how hard it was when I was caregiver for my Sweet husband for the eight long years he suffered with Multiple Myeloma and I know how taxing emotionally and physically it can be.  If you are a caregiver, I am sharing some tips from United Healthcare and hope it helps you in your journey...

Thanksgiving for Care Giving
Take a moment this holiday season to give thanks to the caregivers in your life. Even family members who are pitching in could use a few kind words for their extra efforts.
If you are the caregiver, give yourself a pat on the back. It's only very special people who can serve the special needs of others. Caregiving can be rewarding but it can also be stressful. While caregiver stress is very common, people may not pay attention to the warning signs. Warning signs can include feeling tired, depressed, and unhappy. Sometimes when you feel stressed, you may not take care of yourself and forget to exercise, eat properly and rest.
Caring for Caregivers
If you're feeling stressed, try these tips:
Accept Help — Make a list of the ways other people can help you. Picking up groceries and bringing in a meal are easy tasks to assign someone who wants to help.
Take a Break — Go for a walk with a friend, read a book, or call a family member.
Seek Advice — Ask your doctor about support groups and other resources to help.
Practice good self-care. This may improve your quality of life and create positive energy. For more tools and resources, visit the AARP Health & Wellness Caregiving Learning Center.

Thanks so much for visiting today and may

 God's love and blessings go with you.

My heart to yours...

For an update on Little Rylen Lynch, a

 living miracle, visit my christian blog that

 I will be sharing today:   

Thank You!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

FALLing Fast for Autumn!

November!  Can you believe it?  I have been enjoying every minute of Autumn in Central NY and yesterday was no exception.  Head in curlers (yes, I do that occasionally-ha) and a kerchief to cover them, I took my little Lilly Chihuahua to Hoopes Park in Auburn, NY.

 I have been walking in this park since I was a teen and this day I was remembering when I skated with my Bill on the pond when frozen so long ago when dating...
 The fountain now silent for the winter...

 The beautiful Gazebo with the wonderful colors of Fall all around...

 The little stone bridge over a small stream...
 And of course the many Mallard ducks that reside here year round were basking in the Autumn sun.
I love the stones that line the pond and all the beautiful leaves on the many species of trees!  I pick some up, some Oak leaves as I have always done when walking with my little children so many years ago....

Oddly, I do not remember the twisted trunk of this tree.

 And I take home my treasures to draw later on and photogragh them on my lace tablecloth.  I am at peace.
 I passed an older couple more than once going around the Pond and I observed them perching on different benches as they walked hugging and holding hands... I asked were they "still in love?" or "new" in love?" And the woman answered, "still in love." And the man added, "isn't that wonderful?"  They were like my Bill and me and though Bill is gone from the earth now, I am still in love...♥♥♥

My wild heart to yours...