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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Camping Trip at Willow Tree

Last week it rained on and off but we did not care!  We were at Willow Tree RV park Monday thru Thursday morning.  It is our favorite spot and we love it so much!!  There is a golf cart path around the entire lake.  We used to walk around it but now Bill is unable to so we rented a cart for 24 hrs. and had fun going through the woods trail, too!

  Our daughter and her fiancee came two of the days and we had great fun with them ending with a fire after dark, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows.  I even played my guitar and we sang the old songs that my kids were raised on.

   My daughter cried when we sang, "Dymock's Barn", a song I wrote in the 70's about a place on Skaneateles Lake, NY where we camped every year for hubby's birthday in August.  Back in those days, he never had a vacation from his work so he went to work from the little cottage we rented every day.  A lot of good memories came flowing back...

This is our little home away from home and we love it!  We bought it 2 yrs. ago when I asked hubby what he would like to do and he said he would like to go camping.  It was second hand but in great condition.  It has 2 pop out sleeping areas, a shower in the little Bathroom, stove, microwave, double sink, frig and eating area.  It is our little piece of heaven.  I learned to drive towing it cold turkey and have never had a problem.  It weighs under 3000 lbs. so we can pull it with our Chevy Equinox.  Love it!  And yes, I can even back it up-ha!  Who knew!

  This brightly colored turtle was crossing our path in the woods and was obliged to stop in his tracks while we all snapped pictures.  He was quite large.
Sunset at Willow Tree is always gorgeous...

Laughing in the rain and having a sandwich.  Hubby, our daughter and her beau.
Hubby on a swing at the edge of the lake.
Farewell, Sweet Willow Tree till we camp again....

Thanks so much for visiting to share our camping trip.  Have a wonderful week ahead!

My heart to yours....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I have added a new blog that features only my poetry with some photography by my hubby or myself.  I invite you to check it out sometime and please leave a comment.
Thanks! The Poetry of The Poetry of Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kingfisher and September Moon

Good morning all you bird lovers!

This is a picture of the beautiful KINGFISHER
bird taken by my hubby.  While slightly out of focus, I wanted to show it so you
can see his beautiful crest.

Hubby shakes a bit.  But his camera can zoom in and is more powerful than my own.  See my photos below:

Mr. Kingfisher was perched in the Bradford Pear tree branches and we were thrilled we were able to get pictures of him at all as he is so elusive and quick!  Right after I took these pictures, he swooped down into the water and scooped up a fish and flew away with it.

   This is a Belted Kingfisher and is most common in North America.  Habitat is along streams and ponds.  They are the only small birds small birds that dive headlong from the air into the water.  Recognizable by its large head and loud rattling call.  They have short legs and stubby tails.  While perched, they stand very still and erect.  Despite their bright plumage and markings they are hard to spot because of their stillness.  We were so thrilled to finally get a good shot of him!

These are photos of the September 11th moon at dusk and again later.  Hubby was able to capture these great photos.

And this is how it looked when the evening sky turned to darkness.  You can make out the woeful face-ha!

Thanks for visiting today and do come back again soon.  Have a wonderful day!

My heart to yours....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby Mute Swans all Grown....

The beautiful swans paid me a visit yesterday!
These are babies from this Spring.  The gray one in the middle was quite dark until this visit and is now getting more white.  I thought maybe he was a male as he stayed gray so long but I really don't know for sure.  They remembered me ( I saved one of these from the jaws of a turtle if you remember the post-ha! ) They are all lookin' fine now!

There were no parents with them and I know that because the parents have coal black feet that are huge!  And the Father limps from a twisted knee.  So I believe they are on their own now.  There are 3 siblings and 2 other youths today from another parent couple.  Apparently the young stay together once the parents let them be on their own.

They are so big and beautiful now.  I did give them bits of bread like when they were little but then suddenly one became agressive and came towards me.  I ran but turned around and snapped a picture anyway-ha!  This is why if you are not used to Swan behavior, you should never approach them.  They are VERY aggressive and can take the end of your finger off or pinch your leg to blood.  I have no wounds but only because I am so familiar with their posturing and can tell when they are in attack mode.
Bye bye Swan babes!

Notice how large they are next to that bench hubby made that can seat 3 people!
Thanks for coming to visit our backyard sanctuary.  Blessings to you all.
My heart to yours...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm always chasing sun-sets♫


I went outside in the back yard by the lake and started taking pictures just as the sun was fading.

Suddenly, This good sized plane came barn storming right over the treetops following the lake!  He as so loud and low and going so fast, I thought he would crash and I caught this blurry picture as he sped by.  All the while I was chasing my sunsets through the neighbor's yards, he came back in both directions at least 5 times.
And then the fun began, I could not get enough of the wondrous sky!  Weaving through bushes and out into the street at times, I snapped and snapped.  I am addicted to sunsets for sure!!

Reflections in the lake
By this time, it is really getting dark , the plane keeps buzzing by and the Mallards think I have come to feed them and approach.
The sunset is reflecting in the Lake, Beautiful!
And so I bid the day adieu sadly as you know I hate to lose the day
But the peace of night will settle in and calm our souls tonight.
My computer companion is at the foot of my desk chair--
Sweet Isabella my Ragdoll
Good night dear friends...

My heart to yours....

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Sunsets in my Life...

Hi there Blog Family!!  Sunday night was the most beautiful eve to watch the sun go down.

I have been known to run into neighbor's back yards just to catch another glimpse of the sinking sun from another view!  My friend from  "LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE" understands ~because she will track down a good sunset photo op if she has to sit in her car and wait or tromp through fields, a girl after my own heart-ha!

The view from between 2 trees in the backyard.

Good Night Sun

                                 ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

I dislike to have to say good night
To God's beautiful fading light
That by day warms all the hearts and fields
Then every eve it always yields,
To the darkness...

Rich warm colors cheer my soul
I scamper here and there, as is my goal
To catch each passionate last ray
Of the beautiful Sun God gave this day,
Before it fades from view.

The words to "Taps" come to mind as shadows grow long
"Day is done, gone the sun,
From the earth, from the sky, from the sea.
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh..."

   When I was a little girl in 2nd or 3rd grade, my teacher chose me to sing taps at a program in the auditorium.  A six grade boy played each line of taps from the balcony on his trumpet and hesitated after each line so I could sing the words in echo from the stage.  I was frightened and shaky but the words were so inspiring and It worked out well.  Not a sound was heard from the audience.  This is one of my fondest memories..

Thank you so much for visiting today and do come again when you have time.  You can visit my other blogs by clicking the links in my sidebar.  Wishing you a most wonderful week ahead.  Never blue on Monday,

My heart to yours...