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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rain, Rain go away!

"Rain, Rain, go away.  Little Johnny wants to play..."  For some reason my video will not publish of the downpour! So I had to delete it-bummer.  Any suggestions??  

So here is just a photo of the rain before the deluge!

It has done nothing but rain for days on end.  They say that it is not a result of the hurricane in the gulf but yet the radar pictures on news casts show the rain swirling far out from the hurricane through all the Southern States.  This is a video that I took earlier today with my little camera.
As a result of the moist conditions, my front lawn grew a number of mushrooms that I had to rake to pick up and get rid of them. 

I took these pictures when a few moments of sun came out a few days ago. Praying for all those in the gulf who are experiencing flooding once again.  So sad!
This is my sweet little Rose bush that my daughter gave to me this spring.  It is no more than 5 or 6 inches tall at most but keeps producing a single rose one after the other.  I just love love the colors. Looking forward to better weather and cooler temps for the fall.  Hope your days are filled with sunshine!
My wild heart to yours...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Long time, no post!

 I have been working a lot and also 2 weeks ago I went to NYS to see my son and family. We really had a good time and went to the zoo one day where I took this great picture of the Thistle and bee!
My granddaughters Sarah and Kelsey were at the zoo with us and indulged us with taking pictures in front of the statue.

My daughter Barbara went with me on the trip and one of her favorite places to go is a Tom Thumb Ice Cream Restaurant overlooking Owasco Lake where we all took pictures of the beautiful sunset.  It has been there forever and I was surprised that the owner is now white haired and aging.  Time never passes in our minds....

It was beautiful weather while we were there and not unlike what the weather is in SC.  

And I happened to be there when my 1960 Class had their monthly luncheon so I got to see about 11 classmates!  That was fun, too.  I am the first one on the left and my sis-in-law next to me.

And this poor old girl was the eldest Elephant at the zoo.  I always feel so sorry for the animals that are caged or tethered.  There were several elephants though that were moving about freely in a large field.

I have been subbing at a doc's office this whole last week and got very tired-ha!  Old age is not for sissies as the saying goes!  I am catching up on my posting and will post more pictures on my other blogs over the weekend.
Thanks for visiting and do come again.
My wild heart to yours...