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Monday, April 30, 2012

So many new babies!

This one is actually a mini-bunny that has lived by our shed for several years and is so adorable.  Very shy though and quick as lightening to get away when I get the camera out.

5 new baby Mute swans

Dunking lessons-ha!  The parents are teaching the young to dip for green plants that grow beneath the water surface.

Canadian Goose baby.  So adorable!

Another Canadian Goose Baby

Thanks for coming to see my wild creatures.  I love your visits and comments.  The renewal of wildlife each year gives the world Hope that life will go on no matter what happens.  I am so blessed to be able to see all the wild creatures right from my den windows!  I put up a new Hummingbird feeder last night and one has already been here this morning to drink.  I will have to be prepared to take a picture spontaneously as they never light long enough for me to snap a picture if I don't have the camera handy.

My wild heart to yours...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Newly hatched Canadian Geese

It has been raining all day long but the highlight of my day was when the Canadian Goose family brought by their first hatchlings!
 It is always such a thrill to see them!  First the father who is lame several years now, came to the window alone begging for food.  I gave him some bread and asked where his family was, did he have new babies?
Sure enough, the mama came swimming by in the little lake in the pouring rain with her 3 babies just as proud as could be.  I was so thrilled to see them! 
 It was as though the father wanted me to see them coming to the window like that.
Isn't God and nature just awesome??

Thanks for coming to visit and come again soon.  Love your visits!

My wild heart to yours...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Carolina Wren...

What a lovely way to end the day!
Our son sent us this birdhouse many years ago.  It was so cute that I kept it in the house for a long time.  Then a few years ago, we hung it by the front door and usually the Chickadees chose it to nest in.

But this year a Carolina Wren nested there and I have been trying to catch a picture of her.
At first all she did was scold me and stay in the bush near the porch but I was patient this eve and sat in a chair in the driveway and waited.  She never stopped scolding me but I was able to get these 2 pictures of her with a bug in her mouth to feed the young in the house.  Sure wish it had a glass wall so I could see, ha!  That would be great.  Hubby was always going to make one like that....
My wild heart to yours...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bunny Monday...

I love when bunnies come to visit and especially when they eat the weeds in my yard-ha!  This morning a very large bunny came in and stayed in one spot long enough for me to snap a few pictures from my den window.  He kept an eye on me it seemed the whole time...

You're nobody 'til somebunny loves you!

Have a wonderful spring day!

Come again Soon, Hugs from:
My wild heart to yours...