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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mallards and Geese couples

Hello sweet blog family!  I am doing much better now than 2 months ago after losing my sweet Bill but it is so hard to be alone and I am missing him so much.  But I finally went out to lunch with a girlfriend yesterday and visited another widow in my neighborhood.  And today I am watching my "granddogs" for my daughter until Monday.  They are sweet little dogs though and give me no trouble so I will have good company for the rest of the weekend. :)    The Mallard couple and the Canadian Goose couple have come to nest nearby like they do every year on the little lake.

This female goose was right underneath the den window when I snapped this picture through the glass.

And here is the Goose and the Mallard sharing a few pieces of bread.

The Mallard couple is so beautiful.

And here are 2 Mallard males that visited early this morning.  They may be young bachelors born last spring who are looking for mates.  The green on their heads is so brilliant!

Here is the female Mallard eating the fallen birdseed under the window.  The Begonia plant is showing left on my window sill.
Thank you so much for visiting and come again soon.  And if you have time visit my other blogs listed in my sidebar.  Have a most wonderful Palm Sunday!
My wild heart to yours...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring at my house and Birthday...

HELLO, MY SWEET FRIENDS!  I returned this week after a week back in our hometown for a memorial service there for my hubby.  There is nothing like old friends and the love of relatives to comfort your loss.  The service was beautiful with our granddaughters, daughter-in-law, and myself reading tributes as well as friends and church members sharing their memories.  Our special song, "Devoted to You" by the Everly Brothers was also played at the service just as it was at the service here.  The ladies of the church provided a wonderful luncheon for us following the service and I cannot thank them and the pastor enough for making everything so special for all of us.  

As you can imagine, I was happy to return home and I had a nice surprise awaiting me with the yard filled with wonderful Azalea blooms!!  And the Great Blue Heron visiting to fish.  
Isn't he wonderful? 

 He takes time to preen his feathers while standing in the sun.

Pictures never show the enormity of size.  The Great Blue Heron's are so stately and tall!

And today is my 70th Birthday!  We celebrated last night with daughters, mates and grandchildren with Pizza and cake with candles that would not blow out!!  
It was fun and I don't feel a day over 69and 11/12ths-LOL!  I am now officially in the Antique category.
My best surprise was the Pendant with my hubby's print on it came in time for my birthday!  I love it and can hold it anytime I want and be touching his thumbprint. :)  God is sooooo good!

Thank you for visiting and come again soon.  If you have time, slip over to TWO HAPPY blog to see more of the Azaleas for Pink Saturday and to see the pendant. 
My heart to yours...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yes, the rain finally stopped!

But now the pollen is in full force and though it is beautiful and 70 degrees, I cannot open a window as the pollen blows right in covering everything!

Even though the Bradford Pear Tree is beautiful, it has me hoarse and stuffy from all the pollen.  And the red buds on the maple trees are also adding to the mix but they are so beautiful!

And there are beautiful Robins everywhere winging their way North.  We have some that stay year round but to see them in such numbers they are definitely migrating and such a treat to see!

Also, they were joined by some Cedar Waxwings to my further delight!

Two Robins in flight and the Cedar Waxwings to the left .  Ahhh, life is good!

Thank you for sharing my backyard wildlife, every day is an adventure!
My Wild Heart to yours...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rain, Rain, go away!

"Little Johnny wants to play"... a line from a nursery rhyme is so apt as we have had days of rain due to all of the storms just to the West of us here in SC.  Praying for all of the victims of the Tornadoes! 
Our resident squirrel is not bothered in the least by the rain this morning and just hung out in the used to be birdhouse high and dry.

 And the Egret just went on fishing as usual...
In a way I am glad it is still raining as the pine pollen is filling the air, everything is yellow!  The rain is keeping it down and not blowing around so much.

And yesterday was "Bill and Coo" day! This beautiful pair of mourning doves were loving one another as only doves can do!

 And this beautiful Robin was at the birdbath that was now full from all the rains.

I do so love my backyard critters!  Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy taking their pictures and sharing with you.

It is very lonely here without my mate and is really taking some getting used to.  I am thankful for friends and family who bolster me up every day. And thanking God for his hand on my aching heart...

My wild heart to yours....