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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hello again you dear friends!  I cannot believe how fast the weeks have gone by!  I have all of the moving boxes out of the downstairs but have oodles to go through yet in the front upstairs bedroom.  Ha!  At least they are out of sight.

Joining Beverly @
at How Sweet the Sound for PINK SATURDAY.  Be sure to visit her and see what each blogger has shared in PINK!  Beautiful site.

The days have been so beautiful, some chilly, some like summer...and I am loving every one!

I just cannot resist picking up the tiniest of leaves with fall color!  And the Sedum near my front steps is the richest warmest pink!  The honey bees and Bumble bees just love it.

 A large Bumble Bee is busy here. 

And a tiny Honey Bee is on the right side of the flower cluster here.
 And I have never seen sunflower plants that branched out like these near my neighbor's house!  They are beautiful!
And look at the very tall daisies on the other neighbor's side.  I am surrounded by beauty!

I cannot identify this cluster of flowers in the group of trees in my front yard.  Some one suggested that it may be Elderberries?  Because there are clusters of purple berries on another side of the same tree.  But there are Maple, Rose of Sharon, and this one that I cannot identify in the group.

Thank you for coming, come again soon!