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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Long Leaf Pine blossom and Nuthatches

 Long Leaf Pine branch with pine cone blossom.
Beautiful and delicate....

And full of pollen-LOL!  I had to take it back outdoors as while I was taking pictures, it made me sneeze!  I want to draw it from the pictures.

Usually, the Bluebirds "rent" this little house that hubby made and painted several years ago.  But yesterday this Nuthatch couple checked it out inside and out and decided it was home.  They carried on a long conversation about it, but ended up agreeing.  Sometimes,  female birds reject the male's choice and an argument ensues but not this time.

I am so blessed to be able to observe all of God's creatures in my own back yard.  Thanks for coming and do leave a comment.
My wild heart to yours...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This morning I had a new first in my backyard birding.  The Mallard couple were hanging out and She laid an egg right by my Lilly pond while he took a swim in it!

Mister Mallard is washing himself and swimming in the little Lily pond even though the whole lake is behind him.

 She lays an egg right there next to the pond!

They both just walked away afterwards.  I read that it takes 28-35 days to hatch an egg and the temperature varies.
The female will not set on the eggs until they are ALL laid and then will set on them.  If I had an incubator I would take this lone egg as I don't feel she will come back to it laying in the open like this :(  So interesting though!

My Wild Heart to Yours...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Mallards

 I do love my Mallard ducks so much and I love studying their behavior and the beautiful patterns of their feathers.  I have lived in this house for almost 8 yrs now and they come back every spring.
By feeding them a few bread cubes now and then, they will bring their babies back to see me when they hatch, also.  Of course that is a delight!

Their feathers are so gorgeous!  Mallards mate in the water and although they partner for life, young males will still try to catch the female belonging to another.  Boys will be boys! Ha!  So she flees taking to the air and her mate follows her in her flight.

I am so ready for Spring.  To see my beautiful Azalea photos, please visit my Two Happy blog 
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Today is my Birthday and you can see a new poem on my poetry site,  Thanks!
My Wild Heart to yours....

Monday, March 18, 2013


The Bradford Pear trees are in blossom, the Azalea bushes, too.  And the Egret is fishing for his supper--all in my own backyard.  How blessed I am!

Beautiful white Pear blossoms on trees that look like a giant bouquet...
Beautiful first Azalea blossoms on this miniature bush.

 Beautiful Egret fishing along the bank...

I never get tired of seeing the beautiful Egret and reflection, so beautiful.
All the beautiful scenes from my den window refresh me and make me glad to be alive and a witness to God's great creatures.  Such a blessing.  I will never live long enough to paint all the pictures I want to, etc.  So I live in the moment of an observer....
My wild heart to yours...

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Now you know how much I love my mallard ducks and this is the male hanging around.  The female does not come every time with him now so she must be setting on her nest when he comes alone.  He calls to me when he sees me because he knows I will feed him a few pieces of broken bread.  

I tried to catch him with his wings aflutter but all I got is the above picture as he was so quick-ha! 

 He is so beautiful, notice the curl of feathers at the end of his tail.
The yellow floating on top of the water is the pine pollen.  It is always very heavy here and is playing havoc with my allergies this spring.
Beautiful reflections from the budding Maple Tree across the pond. 

Enter the water, Mr. Mallard.  Perfect!

A beautiful wild Confederate Jasmine blossom and bud growing on the bank of the lake.  This grows prolifically in the wild here in the South, but is also sold at Lowe's and Home Depot in pots.  It is a climbing a vine and will quickly cover latticework or arbors.  I once trained some around my front light post, it was beautiful.

I hope you have enjoyed a visit to my corner of the world today and come again soon.  And leave a comment, I love them!

My wild heart to yours...