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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lovely Feathers.....

One of my hobbies is collecting feathers and my collection has really grown.  I have made pens from large Canadian Goose feathers left in my yard each spring by inserting a pen refill (like Bic) into the shaft of the feather and then covering the grip part with ribbon or beads.  So much fun and when my youngest granddaughter visited in grade school, she loved using one of these to do her homework!  But here are the new ones that my daughter Barbie brought to me this week after a trip to Indigo Farms in SC where they have a display of animals, Roosters, Turkeys, etc.  I adore them!  I want to draw them, also.

Notice the iridescent color at the top of the turkey feather, beautiful! 7 inches in length!

Do you like feathers and dried flowers and things from nature?  I plan to make a 3-ring binder with these photos for references when I draw and paint.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these brightly colored feathers which blend nicely into the fall season, don't you think?  Thanks for coming and do leave a comment as I look forward to your visits so much!
My wild heart to yours...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Swan Visitor

 The beautiful lone Swan was here all day.  I am not sure if it is a male or female but it has an injured wing and always comes alone.
 I think it is a she so I will refer to her that way-ha!  She is so beautiful except for her left wing feathers that stick out near the back as though they were bent forward.
I love that she wants to drink from the pond when the whole lake is behind her-ha!
 Fall is here and the some of the fowl will be flying North as the Canadian Geese seem to be gathered in one big unit and practice flying in form and landing on the lake.  Teaching their young no doubt.

I love watching all this cycle of life each season right here in my own back yard.  I am very blessed.

 And the gracious Egrets are year round dwellers here in SC and I love them visiting several times a day.  Almost all of my photos are taken from my den window where my computer resides...

Beautiful reflection.  This was in the morning.  The last rays of sunlight are caressing the horizon with a  last burst of glory in the center in crimson....

Night all, come again soon.

My Wild Heart to Yours...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Addition

 This is "Lilly" (I named her).  She was a rescue dog from a puppy mill at my local Coastal Rescue Ctr.  I have been so lonely without Bill and she is the best medicine yet for depression and loneliness!  She is precious!  She is 4 mos. old and only weighs 3 lbs.!  She is a teacup Chihuahua.  The adoption fee was a very modest amount that I could afford and includes all shots and spaying in 2 more months!  I am so pleased.

Isabella, my RagDoll cat has adjusted very well to the new member of the family and more or less just keeps an eye on this little one's antics-ha!

This is her little Lambchop toy and she loves it

So precious, what's not to love?

Thank you so much for coming by.  I love your visits and comments.  God Bless and come again soon.

My heart to yours...