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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lovely Feathers.....

One of my hobbies is collecting feathers and my collection has really grown.  I have made pens from large Canadian Goose feathers left in my yard each spring by inserting a pen refill (like Bic) into the shaft of the feather and then covering the grip part with ribbon or beads.  So much fun and when my youngest granddaughter visited in grade school, she loved using one of these to do her homework!  But here are the new ones that my daughter Barbie brought to me this week after a trip to Indigo Farms in SC where they have a display of animals, Roosters, Turkeys, etc.  I adore them!  I want to draw them, also.

Notice the iridescent color at the top of the turkey feather, beautiful! 7 inches in length!

Do you like feathers and dried flowers and things from nature?  I plan to make a 3-ring binder with these photos for references when I draw and paint.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these brightly colored feathers which blend nicely into the fall season, don't you think?  Thanks for coming and do leave a comment as I look forward to your visits so much!
My wild heart to yours...



What a fantastic collection you have Kerrie and most unusual too.


Seema said...

ya...simple things make nice hobbies..sea glasses and shells from the beach, dry sycamore, sweetgum fruits and pine cone collection
impart me immense joy..