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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Good morning!  So sorry I have not been posting.  Time got away from me after a busy summer and some illnesses here and there.  I have missed you all and will be doing a lot of visiting your blogs and catching up as I moved the frig and gave myself a hernia.  My clue to slowing down and that I am no longer 19~ha!

I have been gardening, walking a lot,and still singing with the praise team at church.  I stopped playing my guitar though as I have arthritis in my hands and cannot make those chord changes at a rapid rate.  After 3 yrs, We have grown from just Pastor, his daughter and myself, to a team of 7!  So much fun to sing out to the Lord! 

Made a little pad for my bench with watermelon print that I have had for years!

I hope you are all doing well and I intend to get back into posting on my blogs at least once a week.  Thanks to all my faithful followers on all 5 of my blogs, you are great!

Please leave a comment, you will make my day!  Thank you for visiting.

 Kerrie ♫