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Monday, May 7, 2012

Lead Muskette Balls and Blessings

On Saturday, My daughter and I went to the Blessing of the Inlet at Belin Church, Murrells Inlet, SC. While there I found 14 lead musket balls in and around the church driveways.  Whether they were there from a battle or unearthed when the driveway had stone brought in, I do not know.  But so much fun to find them.  Although they are not of any worth, their historical value makes them interesting.

The Blessing of the Inlet is an annual event and is colorful, musical and also has craft and food booths on the church property.  The day was perfect with sunshine and very warm temps.

Imagine my happy surprise when the two bagpipers who were leading the ministers to the back portico of the church stopped right in front of me and played Amazing Grace through 1 time right there!!  I was very emotional as we had wanted live bagpipes at my hubby's memorial service but our friend was out of town unavoidably so they played a CD.  My daughter took a picture of me smiling and then afterwards we both cried!!

The booths are all the colorful little wood shed-like structures on the left.

and of course I had to have my picture taken with this Elephant as my sister loves them and collects figurines of them.  This one's for you, Mary ♥ 

And this is a picture of Oliver's Lodge right next to the church.  It is closed at present but rich in history.  Click on the link above and read about this 1800's first lodge in the area.  To add to the mystery, a Wedding Dress hangs in the window of the upper floor.  Photo by my daughter, Barbie.

If you visit the area, it is fun to ride around the church driveway and see the back of the lodge that is right on the marsh and imagine what tales it could tell if walls could talk....

Thanks for visiting today, hope you enjoyed the little tour.  Come again soon.

My heart to yours....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This turtle couldn't decide if it was safe to come up in the yard or not.

The turtles do not usually come out of the water this far unless it is a female looking for a place to lay their eggs.  This one was half way up the yard and was quite large.
She took a good look around and suddenly turned around.
Not feeling too secure

And there she goes making a hasty retreat to the water.  So interesting!

Bye-Bye! LOL!  I am not sure why she changed her mind but off she went.  I love watching creature behavior...

And here are my two resident squirrels playing this morning. 

Romping around the Lily Pond :)

Thanks for coming to visit today!

My wild heart to yours...