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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Isabella, the Ragdoll Queen

Isabella the Ragdoll cat, just loves the little afghan that my daughter made for her and tolerates being tucked into her bed.  We have had Isabella for a little over 4 years now.  I had wanted a Ragdoll cat ever since seeing one on TV several years ago.  They were very expensive though and I never thought I would be able to own one.  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I was still working part time, I wanted to get a puppy or a cat to be home with him when I was gone.  I saw an add in the paper for Ragdoll cats for half the price of what most breeder's charge.  I communicated with the seller who was giving up breeding them as it was just too hard for her as a single Mom and working full time besides.  So she was just wanting to find good homes for the Mother cat, her sister and decided to keep one of the kittens.  When she learned my hubby had cancer she lowered the price another 50 dollars to our delight!  We met in a parking lot between our two cities a state apart.  She brought the Mother cat and Isabella.  Of course we picked Isabella as she was so beautiful with her silky fur and blue eyes.  I learned that all Isabella did was hide from everyone as when the Mother cat had the new litter, she did not want Isabella anywhere near and would box with her if she approached leaving Isabella with some battle scars. 
   Of course we had Isabella checked out by our vet and all was well but she had ear mites and we got medication for that.  Isabella continued to hide from us, also and it took at least a year before she trusted and would sit with my husband in his chair. Slowly, she came to fully trust us both and is acting as ragdolls do, chilled out, laid back and great companions.  She loves being brushed and will throw herself down on her back so that her belly can be rubbed or brushed just like a dog.  She will meow to get brushed!  She now loves my hubby completely and is definitely HIS cat.  She wants to sit on him wherever he is and sometimes sneaks in on the bed when he is napping.  She has become a valuable and loved member of the family and we are happy that we persevered in bringing her around to trust and love us. Isabella is 7 years old now and looks younger and healthier than when we got her at age 3 yrs.
For more information on Ragdolls, just put their name in search and you will find a wealth of information and breeders.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


HI! Sorry I have not been posting but I have been occupied with a 24 hour heart monitor that I returned today to the doc.  I have a Echocardiogram tomorrow morning and if there is no blockage, a Stress Test on the 23rd.  Last week at my regular check up with primary care, my EKG showed a probable inferior infarct.  That is a silient heart attack in the lower part of the heart or ventricle.  I am a certified cardiac care technician although I do not work any more.  I stay home with sweet hubby.  But at least I understand all the terminology and what is happening.  So I have not been thinking about much else.  Bill had a treatment at the cancer center, also.   Plans for the 50th Wedding Anniversary are going well, we ordered the cake today.  I am getting really excited.  I found a dress in Belk's on sale and bought some new shoes to match.  It was a very harsh winter up North when we got married, too.  This winter in SC has been the worst in our 21 years of living here.  The snow was fun but I did not like the freezing temperatures-ha!  27 degrees this morning at 5:30 with 17 degrees wind-chill!  Right now it is 52 though and very sunny.  
  Bill had treatment this afternoon, too.  Nothing new there and uneventful.  Thanks to all of you who have sent me personal messages and are praying for us.  It is greatly appreciated.

I will be posting something fun again soon!! 
Love to all, Kerrie

Saturday, February 13, 2010


WE WERE SO EXCITED TO SEE THE SNOWFALL last night and this morning as it is not often we see snow that stays on the ground in South Carolina!  In 21 years we have seen snow like that only 4-5 times.  So it was a novelty for us and we took lots of pictures.  Our granddaughter and daughter built a snowman last night as soon as it accumulated.  This morning the birds carried on as usual in the back yard suet and feeder.  Our beloved Blue Birds and Cardinals were even more brilliant against the snow background.  We are originally from Auburn, NY so we saw many harsh winters with lots of snow.  But this was a treat.  It will be melted away as quickly as it came but for now we are enjoying the quiet peace and beauty of the back yard.  We hope you enjoy our photos. ♥ Bill and Kerrie

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in Garden City, SC

THIS IS TOO FUNNY!  We are all so excited to see snow here when everywhere else they are sick of it!!  Our granddaughter is spending the night and our daughter is here, too.  We all got so excited to see the snow accumulating on the ground that we were all out on the porch snapping pictures.  It was humorous because none of us had shoes on-LOL!  We have only had snow here 4 or 5 times in the 21 years we have lived here!!  So it is an event!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


ROBINS!  Bill was able to capture these beauties on film Monday Morning in the Bradford Pear trees.  If you look, you will see the tiny pear that these trees produce.  They make a midwinter snack for all the birds.  Our Holly Berry Bush also is visited by the birds.  These Robins look so Robust and healthy!  Enjoy!

    We are always so thankful for the wildlife in our yard!  Since we are limited with Bill's illness, it is a blessing that we see all of these wonderful creatures right from the den windows!  Isabella, our Ragdoll cat loves sitting on the sill and checking out all the activity in the trees, feeders, birdhouses and on the ground where the seed falls. 
  We just love the magazine Birds & Blooms.  If you have never seen one of these, do pick one up wherever magazines are sold.  We are hoping to see one of our own photos perhaps printed in the publication one of these days.  That would be great fun!
♫Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below,
Praise Him above ye heavenly Host,
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.♫  I always loved singing this at church. Smiles and Blessings go out to each and everyone today! 


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The beautiful silver Victorian flower holder on the left is made from a bent silver knife with a hollow handle from another silver piece forming the vase!!  I absolutely love this piece!!  I could not have received a more precious gift!  The little Hydrangia blossoms were included!  On the right is a silver fork that I have had for years and the tines are bent making an easel for my little Apple photo frame.  The picture is of hubby and myself when we were dating and I keep both of these silver beauties on the windowsill over my kitchen sink so that I can enjoy them every day! A BIG THANK YOU TO MARYDON FOR MY SURPIRSE GIFT

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This couple is so regal!  If we call, "Hi Baby", they will come right up into the yard to beg for food, all the time posturing to show their command of the situation!
They are so much fun to watch because they are so clumsy once out of the water.
This beautiful crane came in for a landing and we are never quick enough to get a picture of him in flight.  He is so beautiful and his feathers on his breast were moving in the wind.
Today it is 46 degrees and windy but the Sun is brilliant.  A beautiful Day.
Thanks for visiting as always and don't forget to visit my other blogs and Etsy Shop, links are in the sidebar - Thanks!  Have a wonderful Day!
Kerrie ♥♥♥

Monday, February 1, 2010


BLACK THROATED BLUE WARBLER is my bird of the day!  I have never seen one of these before.  He was strutting up our little walk near the shed and across the lawn to pick up seed fallen from the feeder. All pictures I take of birds are through the den window, so if they come out well, I am happy!

Wow, February 1st already!!  The time sure gets away from us, doesn't it??  I have been visiting blogs this morning in addition to taking bird pics, and enjoy seeing everyone's creations!  There are so many really beautiful blogs and contents, I am amazed that I can sit right here and see so many houses and crafts!  This is so much fun!
Come again soon, Kerrie

this is VALENTINE month and our ANNIVERSARY!!  yeah!