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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Isabella, the Ragdoll Queen

Isabella the Ragdoll cat, just loves the little afghan that my daughter made for her and tolerates being tucked into her bed.  We have had Isabella for a little over 4 years now.  I had wanted a Ragdoll cat ever since seeing one on TV several years ago.  They were very expensive though and I never thought I would be able to own one.  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I was still working part time, I wanted to get a puppy or a cat to be home with him when I was gone.  I saw an add in the paper for Ragdoll cats for half the price of what most breeder's charge.  I communicated with the seller who was giving up breeding them as it was just too hard for her as a single Mom and working full time besides.  So she was just wanting to find good homes for the Mother cat, her sister and decided to keep one of the kittens.  When she learned my hubby had cancer she lowered the price another 50 dollars to our delight!  We met in a parking lot between our two cities a state apart.  She brought the Mother cat and Isabella.  Of course we picked Isabella as she was so beautiful with her silky fur and blue eyes.  I learned that all Isabella did was hide from everyone as when the Mother cat had the new litter, she did not want Isabella anywhere near and would box with her if she approached leaving Isabella with some battle scars. 
   Of course we had Isabella checked out by our vet and all was well but she had ear mites and we got medication for that.  Isabella continued to hide from us, also and it took at least a year before she trusted and would sit with my husband in his chair. Slowly, she came to fully trust us both and is acting as ragdolls do, chilled out, laid back and great companions.  She loves being brushed and will throw herself down on her back so that her belly can be rubbed or brushed just like a dog.  She will meow to get brushed!  She now loves my hubby completely and is definitely HIS cat.  She wants to sit on him wherever he is and sometimes sneaks in on the bed when he is napping.  She has become a valuable and loved member of the family and we are happy that we persevered in bringing her around to trust and love us. Isabella is 7 years old now and looks younger and healthier than when we got her at age 3 yrs.
For more information on Ragdolls, just put their name in search and you will find a wealth of information and breeders.


Beverly said...

Kerrie, she is a beautiful!!!

I am just back to work this week. It had been so long since I felt like visiting, and I missed everyone.

Gloria said...

Kerrie, Isabela is beautiful. Isabela is one of my favorite names. My cat Michael is 19 years old and just recently started slowing down. Take care of your Isabela.

Joan said...

I have never heard of Ragdolls. Isabella is just beautiful. We have a stray named Murphy who is almost 16 years old. He has mellowed with age!

Micki said...

I know all about Ragdolls, and love them. Isabella is just so cute. I am so happy that all worked out with her.

Fernanda said...

passei para informar que tens um miminho no meu blog.

I have to say that a little surprise in my blog.