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Saturday, July 30, 2016


At last, my new porch!  It is wonderful to have a porch instead of just steps.  Makes it so much easier to bring groceries into the house and now I have a cozy place to sit for morning coffee or evening relaxation!

This summer is going so fast just like all of my other seasons, goodness!

John and I have a little shared garden between our houses so that we could share fresh greens.  We started it late so it is coming along slowly but there is leaf lettuce, onions, kale, and even carrots!

 John is watering a lot as in other places, here in central NY, we have not had a lot of rain at all this summer.  First time I have seen the lawns here all brown.... :(

The Lemon Lilies have survived though and I just love all of my flowers!
 These pink beauties are so tall this year that they cover my watering pot! 

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 My tricycle planter is doing great with Marigold I started from last years seeds and Geranium house plant.

These are wild Sweet Peas that grow along the fence, love them!

 John and I share custody of my cat, Buddy.  Buddy spends the day at my house and the nights at John's, ha!  He likes to sleep on my back patio in the chair and is with me whenever I work in the gardens.

 I love nature's paintbrush and here is one of the loveliest water colored leaves.  I never get tired of seeing them....

  Tiger Lilies are one of my favorite and was also my Dad's.  Every Spring when these came out along the roadsides, I would bring him some and he would draw them.

 More Marigolds in the back yard.

 My aging birdhouse that I brought with me from SC.  I used soda can metal to replace the roof and the squirrel keeps knocking it down from the fence so it is pretty fragile now, but I cannot throw it away.  It housed many a Bluebird in SC....Good memories.

 My back privacy fence with Hosta plants from great friends David and Randa from Baldwinsville when I moved here, a vintage hand plow from my cousin Kathie Meyer Collier, and my little wrought Iron plant chair.  I love my backyard haven.....

 My little meditation corner for reading and contemplating  life in general.                              
It is the 3rd wonderful summer I have spent since coming back to my home town and I am so happy here.  August 5th is my Anniversary date of living in my new home.  God has blessed me no end.  Thank you for visiting and come back again soon. 

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Good morning!  So sorry I have not been posting.  Time got away from me after a busy summer and some illnesses here and there.  I have missed you all and will be doing a lot of visiting your blogs and catching up as I moved the frig and gave myself a hernia.  My clue to slowing down and that I am no longer 19~ha!

I have been gardening, walking a lot,and still singing with the praise team at church.  I stopped playing my guitar though as I have arthritis in my hands and cannot make those chord changes at a rapid rate.  After 3 yrs, We have grown from just Pastor, his daughter and myself, to a team of 7!  So much fun to sing out to the Lord! 

Made a little pad for my bench with watermelon print that I have had for years!

I hope you are all doing well and I intend to get back into posting on my blogs at least once a week.  Thanks to all my faithful followers on all 5 of my blogs, you are great!

Please leave a comment, you will make my day!  Thank you for visiting.

 Kerrie ♫