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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Wood Storks are back... and courtesy request

I don't know how they did this but  "A Christian View" was able to post on my blog site this morning without my permission as a new post linking them from my site to theirs.  I request that this not happen again.  This is a personal blog that I have created and do not want to promote another's blog or views.  Anyone who would like to link to my site at the very bottom of posts is welcome to do so if the content is in relation to my subject matter.  All other invasion of my blog site is prohibited according to my Copyright.  Thank you.

Good morning dear friends and family.  On a happier note, the Storks are back on the little lake behind my home. 
 The Wood Stork is the only Stork in America.  It is locally common in Southern swamps, marshes, and ponds.  The bill is long and thick; adult's dark head is un-feathered.  Immature has a paler head and neck; yellow bill and is feathered.  Wood Storks fly with neck and legs extended; often soars.  Wingbeats are slow, powerful and audible.  It feeds on fish, reptiles, and amphibians.  Nests in colonies in trees.  Their call is of humming notes.
 When observing them at Huntington Beach State Park in this area, you can see them by the hundreds and watch them fly to the trees in the marsh at sunset to roost for the night.  It is so amazing to watch.

So when they grace the little lake/pond behind my home, I am so blessed!

They walk along the shallow banks, digging at the lake bed, stirring up some food, and eating it.  So much fun to watch.  They are a very large bird in the crane family.  They measure a yard in length and wingspan is 66 inches across!  I had never seen one until I lived in South Carolina.  Such a thrill.

Thanks so much for visiting today and come back soon.  If you would like to visit my Christian blog, the link is  for Bible Study, Photos and music. 
My Wild Heart to Yours....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Loving the sunset

Enjoying the fall sunsets in South Carolina.  Last night I watched as God said goodnight and was filled with peace. I could look at sunsets forever! 

This is my favorite and I would love to paint it in a flurry of brushes and colors...  God saying goodnight.

Pale moon rising...
 Lovely reflections on the little lake.
Finding peace where we two used to sit near the water.
 Loving the sunset touching the fluffy clouds.
There is a peace that surrounds us at close of day.  I hate to let go of it and linger until that last of light is gone-until tomorrow.

Do you love sunsets?  If you would like to share please link below so I can enjoy them, too.

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My wild heart to yours...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pink Saturday Turned Orange

 Beverly at How sweet the Sound, our host for Pink Saturday has given the choice to post fall at our houses.  So this is what was looking like fall here in SC.

My front door with a wreath in Autumn colors and a large felt leaf below.

And here is my little straw man sitting on a crate with one real pumpkin at his feet and one faux pumpkin on the step below. 

This is a dear little pumpkin and ghost made out of wood.  I found it at a craft sale a few years ago.  I put this in the front yard in front of the Lantana bush.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  To read my Original fall poem, go to Kerrie's Poems.  Thank you!!  Love your visits!  It's Fall Y'all!

And this is a leaf off of the Bradford Pear Tree in the back yard.  The tree is still all green but this one leaf on the ground was nearly all red.  The tree is beautiful when it dresses for fall.  It will take the rest of October here in the south to change.

Thank you for visiting and do visit Beverly's site for a list of all participants for today and add yourself!
My wild heart to yours....

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Joy of Butterflies...

What a wonderful time of year- Autumn, Fall, Indian Summer!  The color of Fall is so warm and inviting and is no more brilliant than in this wonderful butterfly that graced my front porch this morning in a pot of pansies.

Beauty like this makes my heart sing!♫♫  I hope you enjoyed this Monday share from my Korner of the world.  Have a wonderful day!
My Wild Heart to Yours....