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Monday, November 29, 2010

Old Made New

My hubby loves redoing old furniture and I just love this little table with a drawer that was his last project.  Also, the lamp on it has a story.  When we moved to SC 22 years ago (Dec.) I worked at a bank.  It began in an office as a mortgage company and then became a full service bank and was moved to a beautiful new building.  They decided that they would sell the furniture from the old building.  So I asked what they would want for the beautiful lamp with the Ship on it.  They wanted 75.00 as they said it was $125.00 new.  I could not afford that at the time and sadly said no, thanks.
  While moving it to the new building because no one else would pay that much for it either, one of the teen tellers dropped it and broke it into several pieces.  It was then offered to me again, saying "If you can repair it, it's yours."  I brought it home and Hubby put the puzzle pieces of broken glass back together.  However a large crack where it was glued still showed. I bought some burgandy cord that you might use for tie backs for drapes and I made the slip knot and glued it over the crack going up the side so that it did not show.  I have had it all these years now and still love it.  It is on the table in the den between our chairs so we can both enjoy it.
   The table had a broken leg and the top was scratched.  The drawer was also missing.  But hubby restored it and made a drawer for it!  He is my hero!  I love this little table.  What have you redone lately, I would love to see.  Here are more pictures:

Today, while I was taking pictures, I put the little vintage ecru doily on the shade and just loved the way it showed with the light shining through!  Fun!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Decorating, Advent

I love the colors of Advent (See my Kerrie's Home Journal blog for info and post for First Sunday of Advent).  I decided to decorate the kitchen table with advent colors instead of the usual after Thanksgiving Red and Green deco.
   The colors of Advent just happen to be my favorites, purple, lavender, pink and white!

This lovely ornament from Marydon fit right into the color scheme, too!

I already had the little basket flower holder and this is one of my clay birds I made a few years ago.  He is much more lavender in real life.

And the cup and saucer with Morning Glory flowers on it was from my mother's collection.  It is on the mantel my hubby made in the kitchen over the table.

I just love this tiny 2 x 2 inch plate that is hand painted china.  I bought it from the artist at a craft show.  My Mom also was a china painter.  The object next to it is a fossilized whole clamshell I found many years ago.

Another little gift from Marydon that graces my window over the sink is a little silver vase made from a butter knife handle.  I added flowers.

And this is a picture of my kitchen from the bedroom hallway.  The room beyond is my living room, the El part where my piano sits.  The French doors to the left open into our den/everything room-ha!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


   Hi Dear Friends!  We had a perfectly lovely day with one daughter and two granddogs in attendance-LOL!  Girly and Captain Button are spending the holiday weekend with us while our older daughter and family went camping in NC in a cabin.  She called yesterdayand said it was so beautiful there, right on a lake!  It was such a beautiful day here with lots of sunshine, food and wildlife!!
   The Egret was here on the little Lake off and on all day.  I tried to get a photo shot of him in flight as he crossed to the other bank and finally did but could not catch a close up shot of him.  My Mallard Couple came as usual and spent the day swimming in the lake.  I just love all the birds we get to see right in our own back yard - I am THANKFUL!

He has his wings spread as he lands on the other side of the lake the first time I snapped.  He zigzagged from side to side eating fish along the way.

So tickled to get this shot but I could not zoom in any closer with my little camera.  I was actually standing in the open window to get this one and was surprised I got it at all!

He is flying here and barely visible under the little green bush across the water hovering over the bank ready to land.

Here he is in the upper part of the photo and the Mallard couple are at the bottom.  Loving the reflection of still vivid fall colors.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beauty Of Twilight

THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN AT SUNSET LAST NIGHT AND I WAS BLESSED WITH A VISIT BY THE MALLARD COUPLE.  After pictures, I gave them some dried bread and they were happy with their twilight snack!  I like to keep them coming all winter because this same couple has been having their young here each year and they bring the new brood right up to the bird feeder to get the dropped seeds.  They trust us so much that they let us take pictures and coo and talk to the little ones.  I always look forward to that.

I love the reflections in this one!

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard are such a lovely couple!  What beauty I see in the reflection of the wispy pink clouds...

Good night burning embers of night sky,
Good night beautiful Mallards floating by.
Good night silouetted trees against sky
Good night to all the birds that fly
Silently above the clouds to find
Their roosting place that will be kind
Until the morning light.
    ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart 11/23/10

Monday, November 22, 2010

More Fall Colors

Last night we stook a short walk in the neighborhood just as the sun was setting. 
I could not believe the beautiful colors!  This picture is from the road looking at the back of houses on a small lake.  The tree dressed in vivid colors is a Bradford Pear Tree.  A man was walking his dog and said he paints so he looks for good pictures, also.  I told him that I paint, too.  I hope to be doing more soon, time just always runs out on my good intentions-ha!
This one is of another very small lake with a little cement bench near the road.  The sun was just hitting the tops of the trees as it set and made a nice reflection in the water.

This is the lake behind our house taken from the road around the corner.  The sun was already sinking below the trees on the far end.

Now, this is the one I would want to paint and would probably leave out the houses and improvise a cabin in the background.  I just love the reflections!
 And let us not forget the beautiful sky when the sun was setting!  Pink puffy clouds and cerulean blue sky...
 Good night sweet Autumn day,
  Good night Sweet Sun, Now rest you may.
Blue Moon will soon be out to show,
 It's brilliant light will shine on earth below.
A guiding light all through the night,
 Till again we see God's Morning Light!
                  by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
   The circle near the top of the silhouetted tree is a cluster of Mistletoe that grows wild all over in our area of South Carolina and is green all year round. 
   Are you all now ready for Turkey Day?
    My heart to yours...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood♫♫

Hubby couldn't have chemo this morning because he was so stressed physically from being up all night with a pain attack.  So The doc said he could skip today and come back on Monday, the regular schedule again.  So when we came home, it was so beautiful out that he took the walking stick and we went around the block looking for fall colors. 
   All these pictures were what we found.  The first one is the back of our house from the other side of the lake on the other street.
   This one had much yellow and so pretty against a clear blue sky.
The sun coming through this maple tree, so lovely.
Finally found some up close color...

I Passed by this little orange bush going and it did not look like much until we came back by and I viewed it between the twin tree trunks, a much more fun shot!

Rounding the corner where we had full view of the lake behind our house, this Egret was standing on the bank fishing.

You can see our back yard where the backless bench is on the left bank about half way up the picture.  I love this picture!

This is another smaller lake that is on the opposite side of the road from the last picture.  Nice reflection in this one too.
I really like the colors in this one, too.  So it really is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  I can see Mr. Rogers walking in his sweater right now!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Chores!

Vintage Print in my Wash Room

Saturday Chores
        by Kerrie

Saturday again, oh me oh my
The laundry is piled right to the sky
I don't know where it all comes from
We're just two of us but it's quite a sum!
Sort and pile, three today!
I should have done it sooner
As now I have to pay!

Into the dryer one by one
And then it's folding,
That's no fun!
And in between I write these lines,
And peer out the window at beautiful pines
With Sunlight all around me.

Again I'll vow to do some laundry mid-week
And again I will probably instead, seek
Crocheting, drawing, blogging and such
And that is how I end up with so much
 .....LAUNDRY on Saturday morn!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


HUBBY ACTUALLY HAD A GOOD DAY YESTERDAY!  So he wanted to go to Myrtle Beach State Park that is only a few miles from our house and take a walk on the pier.

Now I would like to tell you we caught this BIG FISH,
But not! LOL!

A Beautiful Blackbird preening in the sun on the pier rail
He was so glossy that he looked wet!

We were surprised to see these jelly fish as they are usually prevalent during July and August but they were all over under the pier and were as big or bigger than a head of cabbage.
A small plane glided over head while heading for a landing at Myrte Beach Airport.
In keeping with the Autumn colors, the sand dunes were covered with this orange mum like flower.
Then we were delighted  when we came home and entered our community, there were two young Wood Storks in the first small lake!!  Mature Wood Storks do not have feathers on the top of their head and neck but have smooth gray bare skin.  Wood Storks are the only stork indigenous to America.
They are twice as large as a Great Blue Heron or Egret and we were excited to have a glimpse of them.  We stopped the car and Hubby got out to capture them on film.  They are very shy though and started to move away so we left them.
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