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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Decorating, Advent

I love the colors of Advent (See my Kerrie's Home Journal blog for info and post for First Sunday of Advent).  I decided to decorate the kitchen table with advent colors instead of the usual after Thanksgiving Red and Green deco.
   The colors of Advent just happen to be my favorites, purple, lavender, pink and white!

This lovely ornament from Marydon fit right into the color scheme, too!

I already had the little basket flower holder and this is one of my clay birds I made a few years ago.  He is much more lavender in real life.

And the cup and saucer with Morning Glory flowers on it was from my mother's collection.  It is on the mantel my hubby made in the kitchen over the table.

I just love this tiny 2 x 2 inch plate that is hand painted china.  I bought it from the artist at a craft show.  My Mom also was a china painter.  The object next to it is a fossilized whole clamshell I found many years ago.

Another little gift from Marydon that graces my window over the sink is a little silver vase made from a butter knife handle.  I added flowers.

And this is a picture of my kitchen from the bedroom hallway.  The room beyond is my living room, the El part where my piano sits.  The French doors to the left open into our den/everything room-ha!

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My heart to yours...


pattas said...

the colours for Advent are beautiful..
I bought an Angel today.. A little wiry but cute..
Hugs to you both.. Pat in tas :))

welcome to my world of poetry said...

A really refreshing blog Kerrie. a pleasure to read and look at.