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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Chores!

Vintage Print in my Wash Room

Saturday Chores
        by Kerrie

Saturday again, oh me oh my
The laundry is piled right to the sky
I don't know where it all comes from
We're just two of us but it's quite a sum!
Sort and pile, three today!
I should have done it sooner
As now I have to pay!

Into the dryer one by one
And then it's folding,
That's no fun!
And in between I write these lines,
And peer out the window at beautiful pines
With Sunlight all around me.

Again I'll vow to do some laundry mid-week
And again I will probably instead, seek
Crocheting, drawing, blogging and such
And that is how I end up with so much
 .....LAUNDRY on Saturday morn!

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My heart to yours...


Lynn said...

Kerrie, love the laundry poem!

The Vintage Print is real cute!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving me such a sweet comment! Come back soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Doris Sturm said...

I don't mind laundry, because when I was young, we didn't have a washing machine and I saw my Oma (grandmother) having to heat the big kettle in the cellar with coal, wait for the water to heat and then boil the clothes and fish them out with a big ole wooden spoon and scrub the small pieces on the washboard and then put them through the manual wringer... then hang them out on the clothes line and then iron everything because clothes don't get snuggly soft on the clothes line, so even undies and pillow cases got ironed...what a life....and that was just part of her chores besides cooking a full fledged meal every day for her husband and my 2 uncles....she was always working, but she had the most beautiful whistle and yes, she actually whistled while she worked. She was an amazing woman, so laundry? No, it's no big deal anymore ;-)

Love your poem! Hope you and your husband are having a good day and a blessed weekend.

Kerrie said...

That describes my childhood Doris! Saturdays were the big laundry day as my Mom worked and supported the family. I remember heating the water, filling the tubs and using the ringer very well! Taking in frozen clothes off the line was not fun either-ha! But nothing beat the wonderful smell of fresh air on the clothes!

pattas said...

Great poem :))
Have a blessed weekend.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Enjoyed the laundry poem, excellent to read.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Gloria said...

Great poem for a wash clothes day. Tee Hee. I did that yesterday. Have a great day and enjoy your week ahead.:)

Marydon said...

Oh, lawdy! Miss Kerrie ... remember those old scrub boards, the wringers & wash tubs. Every Sat. Mother loaded the little red wagon of my brother's with 5 kids & her laundry & went to G'ma Maggie's 6 blocks away where we spent the day washing & hanging clothes out to dry. Scrub-a-dub-dub-rub-in-a-tub ... nevah AGAIN!

Hope Bill is doing better.
Have a great week!
TFN ~ Hugs of love my precious friend, Marydon

Beverly said...

Ah, Kerrie. These wonderful lines will be in my mind as I do my laundry. How fun!