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Thursday, November 4, 2010

CRANE IN THE RAIN.... and a new Author

Good afternoon dear friends!  It is a lazy rainy Autumn day!  Just saw this Crane fishing along the bank across from my window.  The pictures are not clear because of the rain, but I still wanted to post.
He is so incredibly large!  Just amazing!
Here he has just struck and gotten a fish!

And in this one he is maneuvering his head to swallow the fish.  I am sure he will be back to visit another time and perhaps my pictures will be better.

This is a mourning dove that was in the Bradford Pear tree yesterday.  He was all puffed up because it was only in the 40's early in the morning and he was feeling the cold.

What else is new today??  I just finished reading "The Preacher's Bride", by new Christian author, Jody Hedlund!  I could not put the book down!!  This is a Christain, historical Romance depicting the Purtian life of John Costin (real life John Bunyan who wrote "Pilgrim's Pride".  Taking place in the 17th century, England.  Ms. Hedlund brings alive for us the courageous and committed characters to the point where we feel we are true witnesses to the stuggle and perils of the Puritans during this historical period.
   Each character jumps fromt he pages pulling our heart strings or spurring our anger and fear.  This is an excellent novel, no boredom here!  More than once my heart was pounding while reading.  I loved the characters as if I knew them personally and admired the great courage of Elizabeth, John and the child Mary who was blind as they never wavered in their faith, even willing to die for their beliefs.
  This is a rich, believable description of life in the hard times that in real life were experienced by Puritans, John Bunyan and his wife Elizabeth.  While in prison, John wrote the classic, "Pilgrims Progress".  This book is available in books stores and on Amazon.  (Search by Author or Title) Happy reading to you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie, Love the photos of the crane fishing! We have had rain for the last day and a half but the sun is peaking through this afternoon. I'll have to put this book on my wish list; it sounds very good. I've had a cold this week and reading while it has rained has been a blessing! Hope you two will have a wonderful evening. Take care.

Jody Hedlund said...

Thank you again, Kerrie, for your lovely review of my book! And I love the pictures! :-)



Claudia said...

The crane is truly magnificent, Kerrie!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Loved the pics, I have heard of John Bunyon books called "Pilgrims Progress" but not Pilgrims Pride..
His writing was excellent to read as I well remember from my schooldays.


pattas said...

Hell Kerrie,
The crane knows where to find his tucker LOl..
We have had an absolutely super day, the weather was just magic.. and made the work of the day so pleasant.
My comp tells me the temp is 64o..:)) pretty good so far :))
Your book sounds interesting and I will keep an eye out for it, as it appeals to me.. hugs pat in tas :))

Keli Gwyn said...

Great pictures, Kerrie.

I'm glad you enjoyed The Preacher's Bride. I certainly did, for many of the reasons you mentioned. It's a good story with well developed characters and a plot that kept me turning pages.