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Saturday, October 19, 2013


My goodness, the days are going so fast my head is spinning!  Life is so busy here in my hometown!  Lots of Fall gatherings and decorating going on!  I joined the library and renewed memories of when I joined the library as a child about 2nd grade.  I felt so puffed up as it was the first place I was allowed to walk alone besides school.  I also smiled as I walked through piles of colored leaves that "swished" as I stepped through :)  I have been taking rides to view the wonderful scents and scenes of Autumn in Central NY.
RR tracks the other side of Port Byron, NY before turning on Oakland Rd.

The fall blue sky with fair weather clouds are just beautiful!

All of the houses that I have lived in as a child are all gone now except for the house I was born in.  But I took a side road, Robinson Road in Throop NY where I learned to walk in a little house that no longer exists.  But I found a wonderful Barn which is one of my favorite subjects for photography and artwork.
The Silo was just wonderful with vines growing up the side to the roof and the roof askew from weathering and age.
Just wishing walls could talk!

And on the main road a swampy area so pretty in the sun with Canadian Geese swimming in among the growth.

The sights and sounds so pleasing to the heart....
No need for enhancement here!  Just true, rich colors of Autumn.
A little girl from down the street has invited me to her Halloween party today.  How sweet!  Not sure if I will attend or not-ha!  It has been a very long time since I dressed for Halloween!  But her invitation made me smile. :)
                                       My wild heart to yours...