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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mallard Sunday Morning

Nothing like a little shower in the rain to start your morning!  These resident Mallards are enjoying a real spring rain with thunder and everything-ha!  The raindrops are splashing on the little pond/lake and the drainage pipe on the opposite bank is providing a miniature waterfall to add to the scene.  You all know how I love my backyard wildlife.  I am so blessed to see everything from my den window...

Like children playing in the rain....  Nature is so wondrous!  God is good, life is good, have a blessed Sunday!!
My heart to yours...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter here and there....

Snow at my son's house this morning in Auburn, New York....
It is 34 degrees and sunny in SC and was only in the 20's overnight!  Usually we are bragging about our mild winter weather but not today-ha!

Winter winds here last night in the 20's and high today is only 37 degrees!  Not typical for this time of year in Garden City, SC!

Mallard couple on the other bank.

This time of year the mallard couples are hanging out together, not in competition yet and acting as family.

This is our resident couple.  I feed them bits of bread through the winter and then when they are nesting, they bring the little ones around to visit with me as well.  I just take pictures through the den window - so enjoyable.

And the Egret comes to fish is the cold water just as they do all year round.  So beautiful.
Thank you for visiting and do come again soon!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It must be spring...

 First, someone asked if they could use photos of my hubby and myself for a tribute to him and I cannot remember who it was, but I certainly grant permission if you are reading this.  This has been a very painful time for our family and I am missing my sweet husband so very much.  Working in the yard today was very therapeutic and I got a lot done.  I am tired but it is a good kind of tired.  Thank all of you who have been so supportive in your comments to me.  Hugs to all.

I think Spring must be very near as the Squirrels are celebrating Valentine's Day early!  I spent the afternoon raking the back yard and putting a bird house back up that we had to take down when they trimmed dead branches on that tree.  Then I came inside and there was that squirrel again that took over the other bird house in the Bradford Pear tree!  They are too funny!

Uh Oh!, should have pulled the shade....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Many of you know Marydon Ford, one of our wonderful Blog sisters!  She came to visit Bill and I one fall day and we immediately bonded.  Marydon and husband Harold have touched lives all over the U.S. and supports many with her love, kindness, prayers and hand made gifts.  She receives these devotionals from her friend Tim Journy who has never even met my sweet husband and this is what he sent to her.  It is so beautiful that it was shared at the Memorial Service for Bill by our Pastor yesterday : ) 


A friend died the other day.  I had never met Bill; had never spoken to him;
 but he was a friend. I could tell just from what his wife Kerrie posted about 
him on her website -  He loved the 
simple things in life – camping, woodworking; he fought a terminal illness 
for 7 years – he was a battler; he left a legacy with children and 
grandchildren by showing how to live an honorable Christian life!

This is how I see it:  A good man; an honorable man; a Christian man 
– suffers with trials and tribulations.  But he fights the good fight, he runs 
the race laid out for him, although his body is weak and wrecked with 
disease, I see him approach the finish line with his chest pumped out 
like an Olympic sprinter coming down the track.  The Lord calls his 
angels together, and says Go Get Him, Let’s Bring Him Home Boys!  
What a wild celebration that will cause.  They put Bill on their shoulders
 in a victorious lap around the track – he was laughing and getting pats 
on the back – yes, he ran the race, and as the commotion settled down
 he heard – “Welcome Bill, Well done my Good and Faithful Servant.”

Matthew 25:21 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and 
faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; 
I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share
 your master’s happiness!”

So today at 10:59, Let us join the celebration for Bill for a 
job well done and for running the race laid out for him, for 
he now shares the Master’s happiness. Lord, we pray 
that we learn to follow the examples of those who have 
gone on before us, that while the race is anything but easy, 
we have the strength to battle through the tough times 
and continuously give You glory.  Lord, we look forward
 to the day when You command Your angels
 to "Bring Him/Her Home Boys" and You have us in mind. 

Have a Celebrating Day.

Thanking Marydon and Tim for sharing these wonderful words of tribute to my beloved husband.  I am so touched.  Sending prayers and love out to all of you who are battling a fatal illness and for those caretakers who help you along your journey.  Also thanking Hospice without which I could never have been able to let Bill fulfill his wish of dying at home.  God bless you all

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