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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Yesterday this female turtle came up from the lake behind the house and I followed her journey across the yard and into the Azalea Bushes where she probably found a spot to lay her eggs.  I could not identify her from my book as there was none that looked like her with the smooth back and gray head.  She moved very quickly and I went from window to window to document her journey!  I am so blessed to see all the wildlife and nature adventures from my den windows!

I just love observing nature in my own back yard!  Have a wonderful day and I hope your 4th of July was great!
My wild heart to yours...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SUCCESS-GOT SOME CLEANING DONE....And Swan with injured wing

So happy to get some of my cleaning done.  Trying to get rid of clutter in my home, too many nick knacks, etc.  And my computer room/Den is finally neat! Ha!
Here it is. I had a link for you to see more pictures but it seems the address was too long from face book so could not use it.  Sorry!  Suffice to say I uncluttered the living room satisfactorily too, and was very happy with a productive day :)