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Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow Birds of a Feather...

I am so thrilled that the birds are not as skiddish as they have been seeing me in the window with my camera and this morning the Cardinals were so beautiful on snow covered branches!
The female still shy of seeing me.

This male Cardinal photo was taken in the morning.
This one is my favorite!
And finally, I caught the male at the feeder, maybe he is getting used to me in the window! Ha!
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Friday, December 6, 2013


Good Morning Sweet Bloggers!! The season is upon us and I marvel at how fast the days go by!  My little tree has ornament overload because I cannot leave any little sentimental ornament in the box! Ha!

My Mom, my Bill, cousins and friends as well as my grown children have contributed through the years.  My favorite is the Madonna of the Poor ornament by far...
 The Milkweed pod ornament was made when my children were little and it has survived many Christmases.
The little Moon Santa below is one of our own creations.  I would draw a pattern, Bill would cut it out and then I would paint it.  I have several that are very large for wall deco.

Although this is a little blurry, it is also one of my favorites, my original Santa face painted on a light bulb that is shaped like a flame.  I covered the threaded part with a bit of red plaid fabric for his hat.
This one is one I drew and then Bill had cut out of roof flashing metal!  Love it!  I miss my Bill so much and it was hard decorating without him.  So many memories!
And Last but not Least, a photo from outside when done.  It is only a 3 ft. tree but I hung just as many ornaments on it as if it were a large floor tree-ha!
And here is my little Lilly in her new doggy Christmas neckerchief that my cousin sent in the mail today.  Love it!
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