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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Life in My Hometown

Last June I took sailing lessons at Owasco Yacht Club Auburn, NY.  I learned to sail the small boat in the top photo. (Neighbor John is taking it out to test some rough water).  John invited me to learn how to sail and in the process, we fell in love.  My lessons were with children and it was so much fun!  My learning partner was Erik below and he was a wonderful sailor and teacher for me!
 When we ended the 2 weeks of lessons, I told him he could tell his friends that he taught a Great Grandma to sail-ha!

This was the most wonderful Summer ever!  Once I had the sailing lessons under my belt, John took me out on The Star, his racing boat and he is still trying to make a good sailing partner of me-ha!

I cannot believe that it has been a whole year since I posted here!  Life is what happens while you are making plans....
I have gained some weight back since this photo and I have let my hair go white because John likes me just the way I am.  What a blessing!  I am so happy!

I became very active at my church, United Church of Auburn.  After I moved back, I became involved in a multitude of works in the church and through this last year, I have narrowed it down to Singing and playing guitar with the Praise Team which was newly formed when I returned and started out with just Pastor on Banjo, his daughter Megan singing and myself and has now grown to Praise director Russ, his wife Vicki, Phil on Base Guitar, Tina vocalist, and sometimes children participate.  It has been wonderful to see how the group has grown and improved.

Here is an earlier photo of Phil on Bass, Russ on Guitar, myself on Guitar, Megan singing and her Dad, Pastor Damon Gagnier on Banjo.  And what a joyful noise we make to the Lord every Sunday!! ♥ 

I also give Christian counseling at church, but gave up Outreach Elder, Choir and other activities.  I have learned that at my age, I cannot fill every post-ha!  I attend Bible Study every Wednesday and Praise Team Practice on Wednesdays, also.  I participate in outreach programs and events.  My life is full of wonder and contentment....

John and I shoveling snow together.

And then winter was one of the worst in Central NY State for sure.  But when Life gives you snow, make snowmen or in this case, I made a Miss Piggy....

I was so happy when Spring came feeling the warmth of the sun and the greening of plants, trees and grass...

John and me on St. Patrick's day.  How blessed I am to have found a wonderful man in the Autumn of my life.  God is so good.

Yesterday, we went up to the Yacht Club and washed the soil of winter storms off of the Star and got her ready for the summer.  

Owasco Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the FingerLakes of NYS.  I feel so fortunate to live right here in Auburn, NY at the foot of the lake.

And so dear hearts, forgive me for neglecting my writings and I will try to be more diligent in my postings.  I love all of my followers and remember all of you who were so supportive when my hubby Bill was suffering with cancer and again through my loss.  I don't know what I would have done without you all.  You were my lifeline!  THANKS!  God's blessing be with you all.
John and me taken by my friend Sue Camaraire on her visit of last summer.  Luvu Sue!

My heart to yours....