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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Butterfly houses and Hummingbirds

Ahh..Sunday!  A blessed, peaceful day!  Hubby finished the little Butterfly house he made for the garden and it looks so cute there among the last of summers flowers by the shed.  The hummingbird has been here all day, buzzing in and out to drink.  We love seeing them.  The butterflies were in the Lantana all day and I am hoping to catch them looking over the house--perhaps tomorrow.
Hubby painted this little house with acrylic outdoor paint and did it free hand from his imagination-Love it!  It is so cheerful and bright!

This little "Hummer" was just as cute as she could be as she visited the nectar several times throughout the day.  Such a joy to watch! 

             Such Beauty...

Thank you God for Hummingbirds
  And all your creatures dear.
We are very blessed to have them
   around us so very near.
Thank you for all the creatures
  that bless our humble space
Each time we gaze upon their beauty
We catch a glimpse of Your beautiful face.
                      ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gardinias and Butterflies...

Today we were blessed with the most beautiful Monarch Butterfly who came and perched on the Hummingbird feeder!!  He came back several times.

Such beautiful, delicate creatures!  Yesterday, my hubby picked one of our beautiful Gardenias from the bush at the side of the house.  He does not care for the pungeant aroma but still admires their beauty.  I loved it!

I had to experiment with the soft focus in my photo program and liked the way it came out.

Little gifts from thee...
                      ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

A lovely flower he brought to me
And I treasured it as you can see
I put it where I spend my time
And now I see it all the time.

He always thinks of things to brighten my day
Though he is not well,  but still I pray
Every day for a miracle to come
And heal my beloved, my dearest one.

We treasure each moment given to us
And he bears his burdens without a fuss
Though pain is often his companion now
His love never ceases to overflow
And cover me....

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The South Carolina moon is in its full stage and hubby has been getting out the telescope around 10:00 p.m. to look at all of the lunar beauty.  Our daughter was able to take pictures through the telescope lens and came up with these wonderful photographs to share.

Hubby and I found this method of taking pictures through the telescope lens many years ago but find it hard to keep our hands from trembling as we age-ha!  But our daughter was able to balance it all out and we were very pleased with the result!  We hope you enjoy seeing these pictures.
Come back soon!
hugs ♥ Kerrie

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday morning when hubby was trimming pods out of the Palm Tree, he unknowingly disturbed a Mourning Dove's nest!  It floated to the ground on a branch and behold there were these two little newly hatched doves with their eyes still closed!  The opening for their ears was visible as you can see in the picture and their tiny feathers were just beginning to cover their sweet little bodies.  Unharmed, we quickly made a new little nest of leaves and such and placed them back in the pockets of the palm tree near the middle.  All the while the mother kept careful watch from the roof of the house at first and then from an overhanging branch above.  A short while later she was observed sitting on the nest. 
   The doves have been nesting in the Palms as long as we have lived at this site and probably long before we came.  They are very placid creatures and never minded when we bird lovers would climb a ladder to get a picture up close and personal.  They somehow sense that we will not harm them.  We love the Doves and their little broods and feel it is a miracle that we are allowed to see!  So we had to share!
   It is hard to believe that these little ones will become a large dove like this one we photographed here taking a dust bath!

   Thank you for coming by and do come again soon!  Leave your comments, we love them!
                      ♥ Kerrie

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am obsessed with love for the fading sun and yet I cannot bear to see each day end!  But I look from my window and see the sky and must go outside and take more pictures of the fading light.

And because I see something in every cloud formation, I see a faint figure of Christ in this last picture in the formation of tiny puffy clouds. The shape of the crowned head is slightly to the right of center and on a tilt to the left. Perhaps only in my eyes-ha! Intriguing just the same and comforting....

On my craft site I have posted some acrylic painting on kitchen utensils, take a look!  Thanks for stopping by and come again soon!

The Fading Sun
©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

I cast my eyes on fading sun
I watch as all of my day is done.
And offer up a little prayer
To God the Father who dwells up there.
I thank Him for the beautiful day
For picking me up if I fall by the way.
I thank Him too, for another day with you,
My love, my life in my heart's view,
Of everything that is good....

Saturday, August 14, 2010


WE had a lovely summer shower this morning...
                     August Rain
        by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Raindrops softly falling on thirsty summer rose,
Blades of grass are green, everywhere they grow.
A quiet peace comes over our little kingdom here
Trusting in the Lord, there is nothing that we fear.

Prayer request for my hubby who suffered a very bad Multiple Myeloma pain attack this morning.  He had resumed chemo just 2 weeks ago and it is like starting from day 1 after a 3 mos. rest to give his body a rest.  THANKS!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home From the Hills...

    We returned from Auburn, NY where we spent 6 wonderful days on Owasco Lake.  We went to my 50th H.S. reunion last Saturday eve and had a wonderful time.  My husband just about grew up on the Lake as his Dad rented a spot along the West Shore where they had a little shelter, a deck with a roof over and a dock.  He and his brother and sisters spent every summer there swimming, boating and fishing.  Even the family dog went.  So it was like going home...       
    Courtesy of our dearest old friends and their daughter who owns a lake house on the East shore, we were able to have 6 glorious days there!  This was wonderful for my hubby as family and friends could visit him there and he did not have to run around at all.  He could go upstairs and rest quietly with a view of the lake from the bed!  He did very well and even took photos at my class reunion so that I have something to treasure for the rest of my life. 
    Details of the reunion are on my TWO HAPPY site: .    Below is the picture story of our precious lake visit.  Hubby returned to chemotherapy on Thursday and has spent most of his time in bed since.  It is a shock to the body after having time off and while we are used to the routine, it hurts none-the-less to see him suffering.  After a couple of treatments, he will do better....we pray.
Every evening we saw a beautiful sunset!  How Blessed we were!  The lake water lapping gently at the shore and the sound of peepers filling the night air.  A campfire at dark and I whispered to my spouse, "I think we're in Heaven".

A crackling fire and the afterglow of burning embers....

Each night the Canadian Geese would gather from every direction and talk to one another until they were all of one mind and then they headed to the foot of the Lake where they would stay overnight in a large communal group.  Nature is so neat!

The view in the daytime was gorgeous too and even the one rainy day we had was a joy!

And of course there were fish to catch like this Rock Bass and Perch but we always catch and release.

All in All it was a wonderful rest for Hubby and for me.  Good friends, family, Blue Sky and beautiful Owasco Lake....A little piece of Heaven for sure!

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                                                                 ♥ Kerrie