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Friday, July 12, 2013


I was invited to an 80th birthday party for one of my neighbors and her family rented 3 houses across from the ocean and on the marshes.  You know how I adore sunsets and I was not disappointed on last Wednesday when I viewed these beautiful sights and snapped away before leaving.   I love the bell in the first picture.

 I never get tired of looking at God saying "Good-night"--priceless!

Tho' my house is a shambles with packing for my move, I am glad I took time out to attend the Birthday party for my friend and did not miss a lovely evening.

Sending blessings your way for today and always,
My wild heart to yours...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Adventure....

If I do not post as often it is because I am entering a new phase of my life.  I am moving back to my hometown of Auburn, New York next month.  I have been in SC for 24 years and have waited a year and a half before making the decision after Bill's passing.  It is so lonely here without him and I feel I am making the right choice.  Here is the home I am buying:
Picture of me on the front steps of this cute remodeled inside and out when I made the offer on it last week.  Made a whirlwind trip to just look at houses for 3 days and found this one on the last look!  Offer has been accepted and I am just waiting for the closing date to be announced :)  This picture is of the backyard.  Small and level, I will have no trouble cutting this lawn!  There is a park near by and I will be putting out all my bird feeders and soon be posting photos from my new area!  I am very excited and happy and my daughters here will be staying so I can come to visit SC anytime I want.

My house is a maze of boxes and things right now and will be until the end of the month.  So much to do.  Thanks for visiting and sharing my good news, will post again soon!
First water Lily of the season in my little decorative pond here.

And here is one of my beautiful Gladiolas before the rain came and bent and broke them.  They are so pretty.

My wild heart to yours...