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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I thought this article in Birds and Blooms was so interesting that I had to share!  I love Orioles and had heard you could attract them with Oranges but I did not know about the jelly!

Baltimore Oriole

Few birds can match the bold coloring of the male Baltimore oriole. With it's signature black and orange feathers, it's no wonder so many people want this flier at their feeders. Learn how to attract a Baltimore oriole to your yard, and listen to its song.

Baltimore Oriole
Photo: Roland Jordahl
Baltimore Oriole map
    • Scientific Name: Icterus galbuba.
    • Family: Blackbird.
    • Length: 8-3/4 inches.
    • Wingspan: 11-1/2 inches.
    • Distinctive Markings: Male has full black hood and fire-orange plumage. Female is drab yellow with dusky-brown wings.
    • Nest: Woven bag-like structure.
    • Song: Short series of clear whistles in varied pattern.
    • Habitat: Deciduous woodlands, parks and suburbs.
    • Diet: Mostly insects and berries.
    • Backyard Favorites: Comes to feeding stations for sugar water, halved oranges nailed to posts and grape jelly.
I have been working in the yard

 this morning trying to get things 

done before the real heat comes-

ha!  I have one tomato growing 

on the plant so far and 1 pepper -

ha!  No salad yet! :)

Thank you for coming and do come again soon!

My wild heart to yours...

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was walking the dog in the back yard this afternoon and came upon a very large turtle digging a nest and laying eggs.  I took Lily back into the house and grabbed my camera and got a video of her covering the nest and then fleeing back to the lake.  I could hardly keep up with her!!  Who says turtles are slow??!!  click on the arrow to view each video. :)

She watched me the whole time but kept on with her work.  Her back legs were big around as a broomstick and so powerful burying and then covering the spot with grass and dirt.  Totally fascinating.  So blessed to see these things of nature right in my own backyard! Hope you enjoyed seeing her, too.

My wild heart to yours...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My cheerful beautiful Mums and flowers

I never pinch my Mum buds back when they come in the spring and I already have beautiful Mums!  They will keep blooming right into late fall.  If they begin to look leggy, I will trim them back then and they will revive nicely.  

The beautiful little rose bush my daughter bought for me is blooming so brightly, I love just looking at it-gorgeous!

I planted geraniums and petunias in pots in the front yard by the steps.  I always read that beer would kill snails if you put shallow containers around in your flower beds but this did not work for me. Ha!
My shed sign, I love it! 

I hope you all had a most wonderful Mother's day last Sunday and are enjoying this weekend as well.  Thanks for visiting and do come again soon.

My wild heart to yours...