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Saturday, January 30, 2010


This morning we had such a flurry of visitors not the least of which were the Mallard Couple.  They have been nesting near our yard for all 5 yrs. we have been living here and are devoted to one another.  The female came right up to the house to eat fallen seed from the feeder while her mate kept watch from afar.

I just love seeing them so much!  The rain drops falling on their heads did not seem to bother them at all-ha!

Next came a Male Downy Woodpecker to the suet.
He was so intent on his work to get the suet and seed and very cooperative with our camera shots through the den window.
Then the Cardinal Stopped by in the feeder...

Doesn't he look wonderful in his red robe and designer shades-ha!
Next, I have a challenge for you!  We were unable to identify this bird on the Suet.  It was the size of a Bluebird but much darker blue.  The head was very dark gray with a white stripe starting at the back of the crown and down into the neck feathers.  We could not find anything like this bird in all of our birdbooks here.  If you can identify him or her, please let us know!

Our Mallard couple bidding a fond fairwell as they are paddle off into the pond to seek out yet another feeder. We never tire of observing the birds in our life...

Friday, January 29, 2010


GOOD MORNING! I am flying high on all of the wonderful comments on my poetry and visits from my sister bloggers!  I am puffed up like the Robins that visit our back yard and must be much more humble!  Thanks to all of you that have been so encouraging and loving in your comments!
  Because of all the birds that frequent our yard, I have collected feathers over the past 4 1/2 yrs.  I have made pens from Canadian Goose Feathers and decorated gourds that I have grown with swan's fluffy short feathers.  After they spend a day of grooming, I can always find a few at the water's edge.  I wash them gently with dishwashing liquid, dry on a paper towel and then wave them like a wand in the air to fluff.

A Large goose feather with the inside of a Bic Ball Point Pen inserted into the shaft and then ribbon wound around the outside for a grip. No, I am not left handed but since taking the photo myself, I clicked with my right hand, LOL!

My Gourd with blue background and a Kokopeli painted inside (the happy Flutist) embellished with metalic blue crochet thread and fluffy Swan feathers.
Hawk and Blue Jay Feathers

Side view of my feathered, painted gourd.
I hope you enjoyed my Feathered Friday, Come by and visit  again soon!  I am going to post a PINK SATURDAY for the first time tomorrow!!  Have a wonderful weekend and if you enjoyed my post, you might also like my TWO HAPPY Blog link in the sidebar.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poetry for Lovers

I HAVE BEEN SO THRILLED WITH THE RESPONSES TO MY LAST POEM!  I must tell you I hesitated to post it because I felt it was so personalized and lo and behold, many of you could identify with it completely!!  Thank you so much for all of your wonderful visits and comments about the poem and the bird photos.  You all have made my day for sure and encouraged me to share more.

The boy in the
picture is the boy
of my "youth, so

           Whenever You're Away
        by ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
              (written September 1992)

Whenever you're away from me
Something aches inside
I can't wait to touch your work-worn hands
And hug your face all tanned.

There is something so special between you and me
We have never been able to explain it
We only know it grows stronger still
With every year and every minute.

Remember when you left the stoop
To run and buy me flowers?
I love you as I loved you then
Only more with every hour

So tend to all your worldly things
That keep us far apart
Then rush home to the one who loves
And holds you in her heart.

This was written at a time when my husband's job took him far away from home, sometimes overnight or for a few days.  I would always miss him dearly and could never wait for his return.  When my children were little, I used to make up songs to sing to them about Daddy's coming home!  And in later years even though he was only gone for the work day, I still missed him and could not wait until I saw or heard his truck in the driveway.  We both have held this feeling of excitement for each other and we say it is our one blessing having found each other.  We find that never taking each other for granted, saying thank you, being considerate of each other's feelings mixed with lots of love, hugs and hand holding, is the recipe for our love's longevity after 51 yrs. counting our year of dating. My granddaughter recently asked her mother how do you know you are really in love?  I wrote to her and told her that you will not have to ask when you know he or she is THE ONE.  You will feel emotions you have never felt before both mental and physical.  Not everyone can have "love at first site" as we truly did, but I am convinced that true relationships feel an instant bonding upon meeting in one respect or another.  Bless all of you who are fortunate enough to share a blessed union as we have.  And to those who have not found love yet, do not settle, hold out for the REAL thing!  Humble thanks and love from


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where did our Youth go?

Where did our Youth Go?
     ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
(Written in 1980's Category, "Love and Marriage"

Where did our Youth go
All that was of you and me?
When summers bronzed our skin
And bleached your hair
Where birds flew overhead
In a field of wildflowers
And two horses were tied near.

Where is that slender twosome
Too much in love to even eat
When kisses sweet kept us
Til we met again that week.

Remember kissing on the steps
Because I was so short
And how we hated to say good night
Whenever we used to court?

The evenings we spent at the lake
The moonlight on waves, the wood fire
And your brother racing by in the car
Acting like a detective for hire!

We made each other promises
And dreamed many dreams
And some of them have come true
But we continue to plan and dream.

Were we ever really that young, 20 and 18?
Was my waist ever so tiny
Were you really that lean?
Gosh, it was wonderful
Being in love with love and you
Hugging and holding each other
Our hearts pounding as they still do!

You were my only sweetheart
And I was your only girl.
It means a lot to us now
As the rest of our lives unfurl.

And I love each line in your face
And every gray strand of your hair
And in my heart you still remain
The boy of my youth so fair.

Friday, January 22, 2010


It's all about Bluebirds today!  They were in a flurry this morning about 10:30 a.m. eating the suet and filling the Bradford Pear trees, rooftops and ground with their beauty!  I may have to start a blog just for my Bluebird, Swans and all of the other beautiful birds and animals that bless us with their presence every day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


IT JUST HAS TO BE SPRING! Yesterday and today we have been blessed with birds and water fowl in abundance!!  The Swan Couple came late afternoon yesterday and boldly came up to beg for food.  They posture the whole time with threats and the male makes gutteral sounds from his throat but they still beg for food.  Their webbed black feet are enormous and even have holes worn through in some places.

This morning brought the Bluebirds looking over the new house Bill made, Yellow Warblers, Chicadees and Flicker.  The yard was just a congested airway of landings and taking off.  They all love to look at the houses and eat the hanging suet and seeds.  Such a joy for us!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Birds of the Water....

WOW! I am on a roll with these bird pictures!  This morning when I got up there was a male and female Hooded Merganser couple diving in the little lake!  These are so beautiful in life and of course my pics do not do them justice!  I never saw one in real life until I lived in SC and I still get a thrill to see them.  This is the first time I have ever seen the female so it was a treat.  They dive down to get food and pop right back up, so much fun to see.

This one shows the female with her hood raised!

I love this one of the Hooded Merganser Male and also the background.

Hubby took this one and a couple more below.

In this one the male has his head underwater.
Bill also snapped a Flicker and a Mockingbird

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday to start the week.
"The light of the eyes rejoices the heart and good news refreshes the bones".
 Every day is a delight for what we see through our eyes observing God's wonderful creatures.  The novelty never wears off when we see the beauty and color of a bird, hear its song, see it in flight.
 No blue Mondays here!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday's Birds of the air....

AND GROUND!  This morning I was graced by the Bluebird, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Several Flickers, and several species.  I kept snapping pics through the den window like mad!  The novelty never wears off for seeing God's wonderful winged creatures!  I feel so blessed that we get to see them right in our own backyard every day of the year!  His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me......

Everywhere I look there is a picture!  My Dad belonged to the Audubon Society.  All of his life he loved and studied birds and I often think of how he would have loved living here with all the wild birds!  He also was an artist and drew birds all the time.  I loved seeing his creations that he would draw from life looking from his kitchen window and porch.  One time I visited him and he had a cage full of finches!  I don't have a clue how he captured them but he drew them in different positions and then let them go again.  I miss comparing notes with him on what I have seen and he has drawn.  I have very few of his sketches and some are not complete but I do love and treasure them. 
Please pray for my husband who is in a great deal of pain today with his Multiple Myeloma. God Bless, Kerrie

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday's early morning visitors

THIS MORNING'S VISITORS IN THE OLD BRADFORD PEAR TREE were Cedar Waxwings on their way migrating back North.  A good sign!  The tree was filled with them and they seemed to be eating this years buds but not enough to injure the blossoms to come.  I did not capture the beautiful colors on their wings and tail or the mask across their eyes.  The sky was too overcast and I took the picture through the window as I often do.  But they were pretty none the less and welcome.  They were crested and beautiful.  A few Robins also graced the yard and looked very lean.
Proverbs 31:10
A good wife who can find?
She is far more precious than jewels.
The heart of her huband trusts in her,
and he will have no lack of gain.
She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life.

Friday, January 15, 2010

January in the South

Sweet Hearts in the Cold

January in the South
                                                  ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Sunshine, don't tease with your wonderful warmth and shine
Bringing smiles and cheerfulness to a winter-weary heart of mine.

Sky, don't tease with that almost color of summer blue
With puffy little wisps of white that accent you.

Sea, don't tease with your beautiful, warm color inviting
When I know that you are very cold, yet so exciting!

As Pelicans dive beneath the waves to dine on seafood delight
and gulls bob up and down, such a pretty sight.

An Artist's world on a half deserted beach
Strewn with low tide shells enough for each
lone visitor to take home a treasure
As a reminder of a southern winter day that brought
joys without measure.