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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poetry for Lovers

I HAVE BEEN SO THRILLED WITH THE RESPONSES TO MY LAST POEM!  I must tell you I hesitated to post it because I felt it was so personalized and lo and behold, many of you could identify with it completely!!  Thank you so much for all of your wonderful visits and comments about the poem and the bird photos.  You all have made my day for sure and encouraged me to share more.

The boy in the
picture is the boy
of my "youth, so

           Whenever You're Away
        by ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
              (written September 1992)

Whenever you're away from me
Something aches inside
I can't wait to touch your work-worn hands
And hug your face all tanned.

There is something so special between you and me
We have never been able to explain it
We only know it grows stronger still
With every year and every minute.

Remember when you left the stoop
To run and buy me flowers?
I love you as I loved you then
Only more with every hour

So tend to all your worldly things
That keep us far apart
Then rush home to the one who loves
And holds you in her heart.

This was written at a time when my husband's job took him far away from home, sometimes overnight or for a few days.  I would always miss him dearly and could never wait for his return.  When my children were little, I used to make up songs to sing to them about Daddy's coming home!  And in later years even though he was only gone for the work day, I still missed him and could not wait until I saw or heard his truck in the driveway.  We both have held this feeling of excitement for each other and we say it is our one blessing having found each other.  We find that never taking each other for granted, saying thank you, being considerate of each other's feelings mixed with lots of love, hugs and hand holding, is the recipe for our love's longevity after 51 yrs. counting our year of dating. My granddaughter recently asked her mother how do you know you are really in love?  I wrote to her and told her that you will not have to ask when you know he or she is THE ONE.  You will feel emotions you have never felt before both mental and physical.  Not everyone can have "love at first site" as we truly did, but I am convinced that true relationships feel an instant bonding upon meeting in one respect or another.  Bless all of you who are fortunate enough to share a blessed union as we have.  And to those who have not found love yet, do not settle, hold out for the REAL thing!  Humble thanks and love from



Donna said...

Beautiful poem, Kerrie. My husband used to travel quite a bit, so I can relate. You have a way with words!


Beverly said...

Kerrie, this is just lovely. It reminds me of the year my husband was away at school. We both lived for Fridays, and we could hardly wait to see each other again.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

But poetry should be personal, should it not? And being personal, it is from the heart. Or maybe, from 'inside.' From the deepest part of us. :-)

Gloria said...

I write poetry as well and very short stories and it comes from the heart as your beautiful poem did. Thank you for sharing.