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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


BURRRR!! WE COULD USE SOME WARMTH HERE IN THE SOUTH THIS FROSTY MORNING ♫♫ Look away, look away, look away Dixieland! LOL It is only 21 degrees this morning in our little corner of the world.  And while we do not have snow, there is ice on the pond this morning!

And the birdbath is frozen!

But it is cozy here in the house as I work on my blogs and shop.  Please check out my Two Happy site (link in sidebar) for pictures of ice on the pond and Isabella the Ragdoll in different photos there. This cold temp is about 20 degrees colder than usual at this time of year and while I know the Northerners have all the snow, I am still chilled to the bone when going outside.  Windchill yesterday was 17. I have posted Bill's latest creation on the Kerrie's Krafts 3 blog and also in the Etsy shop~a scrollsaw Penguin. I love Penguins! Isabella the ragdoll cat oversees all of our activity here in the den.  My daughter is busy crocheting a heart patterned afghan and I am crocheting the slave pattern afghan from my Monster yarn skein! Bill is relaxing for a few minutes with the throw I gave him for Christmas and Isabella thinks it is all for her!

Isn't she precious?  And she knows it, too, LOL!
I hope your day is absolutely warm and perfect in every way.

HUGS, ♥♥♥


Fairy Footprints said...


Even though it looks amazingly cold on the pond, the ice sure does look pretty.

I pray you and Bill have a wonderful week ahead.

God bless,

Needled Mom said...

Oh, baby, it looks cold there. Hope it warms up soon.

Micki said...

It looks as cold there as it is here. Your kitty is so cute! She is gorgeous!

Beverly said...

Stay warm and cozy. It is so cold here, too. Brrr!

SusanB-knits said...

We've been having some cold weather for our part of TX! They're predicting sleet for tonight and a chance of snow on Fri!!
Our birdbath is empty but with the cold weather lately it would be frozen too!!

Fernanda said...

come to thank the nice comment you left on my blog.
In Portugal is also an ice (+5), but not as much is there.
What a roll of wool, you can make a blanket.
Good 2010.

* My blog now has the translator of google.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

It's a perfect time to sit by the fire and knit...or crochet. The afghan you made is beautiful and it looks like 'Everyone' is enjoying the warmth. Like my good friend and neighbor Susan-B said, it's really cold here in Texas, too. I'm not going out to look, but I'm betting the birds are having a hard time getting a drink or a bath in my bird bath. Stay warm and keep on crocheting...Sue