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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Good morning Dear Hearts!  My computer has been down and I thought I had lost it for good but miraculously and with a good neighbor's help, it is revived!!

The photo of the Paperwhites I have grown from bulbs.  This is the first time I have raised any flower from a bulb inside the house!  They are fascinating, growing so rapidly and bringing joy to my winter rooms!

I have also been busy trying to settle things from a rear-ender that happened on January 4th.  No major damages to the car or myself except for whiplash.  Finally, I received the insurance check so I can get my car repaired.  It is only the second time in my whole old life that I have had an accident and the first time was a rear ender, too-LOL!  Why don't people keep their eyes on the road?  I was in a stopped line of traffic both times and the accident happened because the drivers looked away...

I just finished a new-born cupcake hat in knit, just love it!  (you may purchase my homemade things on my Kerrie's Krafts 3 blog :)  Also, a Hood bonnet is featured there.

I am enjoying the front yard birds that come to my feeder.  I placed it in front of the dining room window where my computer is near so I can watch all the goings on with Cardinals, Blue jays, and House Wrens visiting.  The Cardinals are always the most skiddish and I am constantly trying to get a good shot before they dash away-ha!
They dash away to the branches of the Rose of Sharon bush.  I never thought about electrical wires being in the photos now as in SC, everything is run underground.  Not much has changed in my hometown-ha!

And of course I have a squirrel buddy here trying to figure out the best course of action to pounce on the feeder below.  So far, he has not found a way and merely watches me as I take his picture-ha!

Thank you so much for visiting me today and come back soon!  If you have time, please visit my other blogs listed in the sidebar.  And leave a comment, it is very easy to do and I treasure them! :) Have a most wonderful day!