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Saturday, February 13, 2010


WE WERE SO EXCITED TO SEE THE SNOWFALL last night and this morning as it is not often we see snow that stays on the ground in South Carolina!  In 21 years we have seen snow like that only 4-5 times.  So it was a novelty for us and we took lots of pictures.  Our granddaughter and daughter built a snowman last night as soon as it accumulated.  This morning the birds carried on as usual in the back yard suet and feeder.  Our beloved Blue Birds and Cardinals were even more brilliant against the snow background.  We are originally from Auburn, NY so we saw many harsh winters with lots of snow.  But this was a treat.  It will be melted away as quickly as it came but for now we are enjoying the quiet peace and beauty of the back yard.  We hope you enjoy our photos. ♥ Bill and Kerrie


~*~The Happy Homemaker~*~ said...

Beautiful photos! I'm in NC and I tell you,...the snow last night really caught us off guard...and it melted so quickly that I didn't get any photos, myself.I'm just going to enjoy yours, ok!?! Your pictures of those bright little birds are delightful!

♥Mimi♥ said...

Yes, it's true - those of us who have had snow for months and have had it every year will be happy to see it disappear; however, it's fun to see snow through different eyes - more appreciative eyes☺

Just popped over here using the link on you email to me from ETSY. Nice to make new friends!

Donna said...

Beautiful snow pictures, Kerrie! Being from PA we used to get lots of snow too, but I'm happy in NC to have the snow here and gone in a day or two. Love the colorful bird photos!


Micki said...

I love the snow pics, esp. the birds.