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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Now you know how much I love my mallard ducks and this is the male hanging around.  The female does not come every time with him now so she must be setting on her nest when he comes alone.  He calls to me when he sees me because he knows I will feed him a few pieces of broken bread.  

I tried to catch him with his wings aflutter but all I got is the above picture as he was so quick-ha! 

 He is so beautiful, notice the curl of feathers at the end of his tail.
The yellow floating on top of the water is the pine pollen.  It is always very heavy here and is playing havoc with my allergies this spring.
Beautiful reflections from the budding Maple Tree across the pond. 

Enter the water, Mr. Mallard.  Perfect!

A beautiful wild Confederate Jasmine blossom and bud growing on the bank of the lake.  This grows prolifically in the wild here in the South, but is also sold at Lowe's and Home Depot in pots.  It is a climbing a vine and will quickly cover latticework or arbors.  I once trained some around my front light post, it was beautiful.

I hope you have enjoyed a visit to my corner of the world today and come again soon.  And leave a comment, I love them!

My wild heart to yours...

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