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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wild life couples...

This is my favorite Mallard couple.  They have been coming here for the 8 yrs I have lived in this house.  They come back to mate and have little ones nearby and they are used to me feeding them a little bread now and then so return several times a day now eating fallen seeds from the bird feeder.  They are so sweet and trusting that when I walk my Chi, Lilly, they know I won't let her near them, they ignore her-ha!  And I just love the little sounds they make when they are eating, little "thank you" chortles.

House Wrens have a pretty red breast.

I have identified these pretties as Vireos, what do you think?  

 The Canadian Goose couple are being chased ashore by this Male Mute Swan who is very territorial.  He puffs way up with his beautiful wings and then plows the water creating a wake as he lets them know who is boss!
So Regal is he!

This is the female Merganser, her mate just dove under.  They are so elusive and quick that it is very hard to get a good photo of them.

Here they are side by side center of photo.  I love the hooded Mergansers!  a female Mallard is watching them.

Thank you for coming to my wild back yard!  Please leave a comment, I treasure them!
My wild heart to yours...


Needled Mom said...

I always love seeing all of your birds. How fun to have the mallad couple return each year!!

Gloria in CA said...

Very nice post and love the photos. How strange that they always know where to go. I guess they know where you are at there is a lot of food and a safe haven. Very nice. Have a great rest of the week Kerrie.:)

Shirley said...

Hi Kerrie, I would love to look out and see your wildlife. They are so much fun to watch. We used to have wildlife until they built all of the houses around us. Your little one in the previous post is such a sweetie. You know you are suppose to spoil them. Right. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Donna said...

Love all the birds. How wonderful for you to enjoy them in hour own back yard.