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Friday, February 8, 2013

Life is Rushing by!

I don't know where the time goes!  The one year since my Sweet Bill's passing was the 26th of January and though I thought I would die, too, I have come a long way.  Then my beautiful first GREAT granddaughter was born on January 28th!  God is so good!  This is Sofiah.  8 lbs 21" and of course beautiful!
I am so blessed!  And my daughter Barbara is grandma for the first time and is relishing every moment!!
   And the winter has been like a yo-yo with temps freezing and then summer-like-ha!  My backyard critters have been coming in droves--just love it!

The Blue Birds have been checking out the boxes and the Swan couple have been cruising the lake daily.  There have been Black Birds and Robins in migration coming in large flocks.  Hope that means an early Spring.

I am so blessed to have this wonderful view from the den window!

Robins on the birdbath.

Little sparrows in the feeder.


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Gloria in CA said...

Hi Kerrie. Yes time does rush past us. Glad you are doing better and congratulations on your great g/d, how awesome. I wish you happiness and peace and I also wish you joy in all you do. Time is so short, we have to make good use of each day and just relish every minute of it. Take care and congrats. again.