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Saturday, January 19, 2013

January Critters

What a beautiful Saturday in SC!  Chilly but warm in the sun.  This morning I am joining Pink Saturday again over at Beverly's at

 At the bottom of her post will be thumbnails of others that have posted and you can also add your blog pictures if you like.
My flowers are still blooming in the Pedestal planter.

There are Marigolds, Vinca Vine, Petunia, and a sprig of Asparagus Fern still blooming! 

I love the lone Vinca blossom in periwinkle blue next to the pink Petunia.

And the Camellia Bush is still loaded with buds, and the fallen petals make a carpet underneath...

the fowl are all here to breed again and my visitors all day today were a Mallard Couple, Canadian Geese and a Lone female Merganser.  I love them all.
I love the sun hitting his back
 So beautiful!
Female Mallard. This couple comes every year.

Here is the male Mallard preening...

And here is the lone female Merganser.  Very unusual to find her without a mate.  She dives for great distances under water to search for food.  So much fun to watch!
She is so pretty.

Thank you so much for joining me for Pink Saturday and do come again soon!

My wild heart to yours...

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Carol Z said...

I linked up with Beverly's Pink Saturday, too. What fun! I'll be looking for more pretty in pink this week, too!