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Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby Mute Swans all Grown....

The beautiful swans paid me a visit yesterday!
These are babies from this Spring.  The gray one in the middle was quite dark until this visit and is now getting more white.  I thought maybe he was a male as he stayed gray so long but I really don't know for sure.  They remembered me ( I saved one of these from the jaws of a turtle if you remember the post-ha! ) They are all lookin' fine now!

There were no parents with them and I know that because the parents have coal black feet that are huge!  And the Father limps from a twisted knee.  So I believe they are on their own now.  There are 3 siblings and 2 other youths today from another parent couple.  Apparently the young stay together once the parents let them be on their own.

They are so big and beautiful now.  I did give them bits of bread like when they were little but then suddenly one became agressive and came towards me.  I ran but turned around and snapped a picture anyway-ha!  This is why if you are not used to Swan behavior, you should never approach them.  They are VERY aggressive and can take the end of your finger off or pinch your leg to blood.  I have no wounds but only because I am so familiar with their posturing and can tell when they are in attack mode.
Bye bye Swan babes!

Notice how large they are next to that bench hubby made that can seat 3 people!
Thanks for coming to visit our backyard sanctuary.  Blessings to you all.
My heart to yours...


Claudia said...

They are awfully beautiful, Kerrie! I'm always amazed at how aggressive they can be.


Ginny said...

Why on earth would he charge at you when you were feeding them? Maybe too young to know any better...I would never have known these are babies! But they are all grown now! Love the hurried pick you snapped in flight!!!! He looks like he means business!

Donna said...

How sweet Kerrie! I know they can be very territorial. It's instinct you know? Gotta protect those babies!

What a perfectly wonderful bench! I'm so impressed. Tell your hubby I thought he did a great job.

You guys will really enjoy that bench I'm sure!


Donna said...

Ps. Great photos!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I very often go to a park not far from me and feed the ducks and swans.
Your pictures are awesome and gave me much pleasure looking at them.


Jennifer said...

I have so enjoyed your swan stories, Kerrie! And you are brave to turn and snap a picture! I probably would keep running to the back door. They are BIG!