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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm always chasing sun-sets♫


I went outside in the back yard by the lake and started taking pictures just as the sun was fading.

Suddenly, This good sized plane came barn storming right over the treetops following the lake!  He as so loud and low and going so fast, I thought he would crash and I caught this blurry picture as he sped by.  All the while I was chasing my sunsets through the neighbor's yards, he came back in both directions at least 5 times.
And then the fun began, I could not get enough of the wondrous sky!  Weaving through bushes and out into the street at times, I snapped and snapped.  I am addicted to sunsets for sure!!

Reflections in the lake
By this time, it is really getting dark , the plane keeps buzzing by and the Mallards think I have come to feed them and approach.
The sunset is reflecting in the Lake, Beautiful!
And so I bid the day adieu sadly as you know I hate to lose the day
But the peace of night will settle in and calm our souls tonight.
My computer companion is at the foot of my desk chair--
Sweet Isabella my Ragdoll
Good night dear friends...

My heart to yours....


Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Sunsets are beautiful. The colors always amaze me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.
Hugs, Sue

Ginny said...

Why was it going back and forth so much, how odd!! Is there an airport nearby? The sky is gorgeous! Our sky looked very similar tonight, and I had my camera with me. But we were in church. I looked at it through the window and even thought of leaving the room for a "potty break", but sneaking out for a sunset picture!! But I was a good girl and sat quietly!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful as always Kerrie. excellent pictures. Have a good day.