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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Okay, so I woke to a foot of snow! I'm ecstatic but my car suddenly realizes this isn't South Carolina any longer...I haven't bought my shovel yet so I sweep a path for my little Lilly Chihuahua and she tries to blazen her own trail through the snow until it is up to her pretty little chin and then she decides to wet on the sidewalk. I sweep a path to my car and barely make it to church on unplowed roads. 

What? The pianist/organist got in a fender bender last night and I am grabbed to play?  They overlook the news that I do not sight read notes-LOL!   However, I muddle through several hymns telling myself I am doing my best to make a Joyful noise unto the Lord. Well, I did get the noise part down pat! 

Leaving church, I drive to Lowe's on now plowed roads and buy a snow shovel, and 2 huge bells to hang on the front door, a scraper/brush for my car which is still looking for South Carolina.   Arriving home, I see that my wonderful neighbor has snow blown the front public sidewalk- Hurray! I then shovel where I swept before and am pleased that no heart attack ensued while executing this task.   Life is good, God is better...
♫♫Sleighbells ring, are ya listenin'? ♫♫

The view taken through the window screen of snow-covered Rose of Sharon Branches.

Thanks for coming!  Happy Thanksgiving Week to all of you!

My wild heart to yours...


Lady Jane said...

Ouch.... We got an inch last nite and that is too much for me, lol... I dread winter.... Too cold all ready....

Needled Mom said...

It does look magical. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Kerrie, oh my that is a lot of snow. The pictures are so beautiful. Stay safe and warm inside.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.