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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lonely Mrs. Mallard

Mrs. Mallard came this morning all alone!!  Her spouse was not with her and I am worrying that something has happened to him as they are never apart.  It has rained all day and she has been hanging out by our window and under the den roof overhang for hours.  She kept fluttering her beautiful wings like a baby wanting to be fed and kept staring at the lake as if calling to him.  I hope he is MIA and not a casualty!!
I was able to download the video to YouTube but had to add it above as it did not show full screen in my sidebar.  This is the first time I ever attempted to film and download a video, success is mine-ha! 
Other visitors from yesterday afternoon:
My daughter's favorite squirrel, the one that hangs out in the bird house when it rains-LOL!
Robin the hunter.  He can find something in the ground to eat quick as can be and pulls a morsel right up!
Mocking bird loved the Suet yesterday and kept coming back for more.
And this beautiful Thrush was on the ground under the suet finding things in the soil as well.  The Thrush is in the same family species as the Robin.

More Azalea's are out now and also the little Dogwood between our neighbor's side yard and ours.  For pictures, go to TWO HAPPY.

Thanks for visiting and come again soon. 

My heart to yours...

Nothing like a BlueBird of Happiness to brighten your days.....


Claudia said...

Now I'm worried about Mrs. Mallard! Keep us posted, Kerrie.


Ginny said...

Wonderful bird pictures and I love your little bluebird in the teacup nest! Congradulations on the video!!!! I have just last week learned how to post a video!! Which I will be doing as soon as I film anything worthwhile, I am still in the stalking phase! Oh, so sad about the mallard, and she is acting real funny. I am afraind something bad befell her mate.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Yes, pleased keep us posted about mrs mallard.
Loved the post and pics.


Amy said...

Lots of great pics of birds. Makes me want to go on a nature walk this afternoon. Hope it is just a short term mia on the mallard. Bird + teacup + nest = adorable.