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Monday, March 28, 2011

Join me for Tea Tuesday....

It is Tea Tuesday again and we are celebrating with Donna at Coming Home and others....
  Here is the recipe for Mock Devonshire Cream to go with the Scone recipe I posted last Tuesday.

1 cup sour cream
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2-3 heaping tablespoons sifted powdered sugar

Whisk sour and whipping cream together in small bowl. Pour into a glass jar and seal.  Leave the mixture on the counter overnight.  The morning of tea, put the jar in frig. (refrig. life is 2 wks)
  If you like a sweet cream, add the powdered sugar before pouring into the glass jar the eve before.  Serve on scones, cobblers or other fruity desserts-YUM!
And a cold spring!

    Last week it was like early summer, with high temps, Azaleas blooming and Bluebirds looking to see which birdhouse to nest in our back yard.  Now it has been raining for 3 days and temps in the upper 30's.  It seems winter has returned. 
      So I sip tea and dream of the warm days coming back.  I covered my Zucchini sprouts with another flower pot to keep it from cringing in the cold!
      What could be more comforting than a nice cup of tea with friends??

   Interesting Tea facts:
   LOW TEA is also called afternoon tea .  It is called low tea because it was served on low tables beside one's chair.  Made with real tea, never a tea bag.
   HIGH TEA is served with a meal, and you can have meat dishes as well as the sweets served with tea.
   LIGHT TEA is a version of afternoon tea and is a treat with scones, sweets and choice of tea.
   FULL TEA is a 4-course tea with sandwichies, scones, sweets, dessert and choice of tea.  The finger sandwich is what separates this from the light tea serving.
   When I was a small girl, my parents let me have a watered down version of green tea made from loose green tea leaves with sugar and milk.  Often this was enjoyed at lunch time with a sandwich and my favorite with green tea was Tuna Fish salad sandwiches.  I still love green tea but mostly use tea bags now.  Over the weekend my grown granddaughter who is in college now, came over and we shared a cup of tea together--good times to remember...

  And in High School my friend would have me come for lunch and her mother would make us buttered cucumber sandwiches--I love them to this day!

   Be sure to visit Donna at "Comin' Home" for Tuesday Tea and see links to others who share on Tuesdays.
   Thank you for visiting and do come over for tea again soon!  We love your company.
My heart to yours...


Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

I have never had buttered cucumber sandwiches and should make a point to try them. I have never heard one complaint about them. Sorry to hear about the bad weather returning. It has been an odd year for weather for everyone. Today is the fist day that we have had sunshine for the entire day. Honeslty it has has rained for almost 2 weeks straight here in Northern Calif. We had a few days of very severe weather too. Wind, rain, hail, thunderstorms.

The Devonshire Cream recipe sounds good. I make a dressing with sour cream, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and just a small bit of almond extract, mix it all together and use it on fresh fruit. It is so delicious.

Hang in there, you will get your Spring weather very soon.

Ginny said...

Buttered cucumber sandwiches sound good. I have heard of high tea and low tea, but not the others, and love your descriptions! Have you ever had green gunpowder tea? My grandmother's favorite.

Amy said...

Hot Tea is getting me through our winter resurgence as well! Fascinating details of the low, high, light, and full teas. For my daughter's b-day party this Friday, I guess I'm going for full tea:) We'll definitely have cucumber sandwiches. Just might need to use that recipe for Devonshire Cream as well. Thanks!

Donna said...

Kerrie, This is such a sweet tea post. I thought I left a comment here. It must have gotten lost. Sometimes if I don't wait long enough, I don't realize that there is a word verification. Rats! I KNOW I left a note..maybe on one of your other blogs. I have a hard time keeping track. LoL!

Such a sweet post! You are a dear bloggy friend. :o)

I'm featuring your post..(adding it to yesterday's. I'm feeling better and wanted to do that. :o) I'm sitting here working with 16 yr.old on his geography. Homeschooling this last one has been more challenging than the other four. All part of God's plan, I'm sure!

Donna said...

Oh my's just not there. Yes I left a comment..on last week's tea post. Lol! I knew you had showed a bunch of darling things and that's what I wanted to feature today. I'll be adding it in a little while. School and son still calling. We are off schedule today. :o)