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Friday, July 9, 2010

Ahhh....Summer Rain


There is one lone tomato on the Topsy Turvey vine planter.
It has been so terrible hot that our little vegetables in back of the shed (unseen here) have suffered greatly.  And although the cucumber vine is beautiful, each new little cucumber shrivels and dies.  But at least we had our one monster one-ha!

Summer Rain
         ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
How I love the summer rain,
The sound of droplets on window pane,
The silver splashes upon the lake
And thirsty plants - a drink they take
And grass looks greener than before
When last I stepped outside the door.

Ah, summer rain! I love the peace,
A quiet time to write a poetry piece
Or curl up with a lovely book
With kitty in a cozy nook
And all the housework I forsook.
For a lovely summer rain!

Ever since I was a little girl I loved the rain!  I couldn't wait to don rubber boots and an umbrella to take a walk around the block.  I loved the smell of the rain on the hot sidewalk and the quietness...
In summer when it was really hot, my father let my brother and I put on bathing suits and run in the rain if there was not too much thunder and lightening.  He would tell us, "just don't touch metal" - ha!  That was the best.  We were very poor when we were small and envied our friends who went to the lake in their parent's car or had little pools in their yard.  My older sister would fill the washtub with ice cold water and we would jump in and out freezing our ankles but cooling off!  We had no car due to my father's handicap and my Mom never drove.  Once in a great while, Mama would take us on the bus to the Lake and it was such a treat!  She would let us swim or wade in the shallow, clear lake water and then we would walk around the "island" where there were miniature boat rides in a circle, a little train that ran on tracks and a midway with games.  The Park is still there on the Lake in our hometown but the games and rides are long gone.  I treasure the memories that are kept alive by my brother who writes and publishes O'Hearn's Histories in Auburn, New York.  If you are from Central New York, you must visit and stroll down memory lane with this wonderful monthly paper.  Link is:
Have a wonderful day and do come again soon!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Thank you for sharing your memories.

And thank you for the link, too. I'm in the NE, and I love strolls down memory lane.

Did you ever read Gladys Taber books?

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hi Kerrie, how strange that two different people can write about the same suject and that too is different.
I loved your poem about Summer Rain. I wrote one a wee while back.

Take care/

Doris Sturm said...

Your little shed is so adorable...looks like a cute little playhouse ;-)

I have always loved the rain - smells so good and it cleans everything.

What a lovely poem!

Have a nice weekend. Greetings to your hubby too :-)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Kerrie Sweetie...
Oh how I adore this poem of yours. What talents God gave you. You paint and draw, and even write. Your heart is so full. It just explodes some days. Always makes my heart "Smile".

I love the photos today. I so wish we would get some rain here in Phoenix. It has been so hot, almost everything is thursting for a drop or two. Maybe tomorrow perhaps?

I too loved to put on my rubber boots and jump up and down in the puddles. Those were shut fun times. I also had a little red plaid umbrella that kept me dry when I walked to school of a morning when it was raining. Such innocent days weren't they?

Tell Bill hello for me today. I am under lockdown until July 19th, that is from my appointment this morning. Doctor would not release me. I cannot talk for 1 week. I have been writing all day.

I love you sweetie...Sherry

Micki said...

What lovely memories you have and I loved seeing the pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie!

Love your summer rain poem! We sure have a lot here this year too. Our tomatoes are way behind schedule.

Thank-you for your kind support!

love, kelee