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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mid Week Musings

Ahh!  Tomorrow is Wednesday and already the middle of the week!  There is always so much to do and the days go so fast! The weather has been great here in SC for the last week.  Yes, it is southern temps but breezy and not so humid.  Hubby and I sat down by the little lake in back of the house in our reclining lawn chairs for a bit this afternoon.  It was heavenly.  There are always plenty of critters to join us!
This little "teen" Blue Bird has learned to eat from the suet by himself but still begs when his mother is near.
And here is a  black Starling eating pieces of Suet that have fallen to the ground.

I love this card I found on line in graphics!  Wouldn't it make a great book mark or book plate if you superimposed your name on it?  I like to collect them for cardmaking but I have quite a stash on the computer and need to transfer them to CD's for storage.  I am a papercraft junkie and there is no cure for me! Ha!  My own painting easel looks just like this and I am wanting to get back to painting so badly.  Right now I am into finishing up my quilt projects but after that, I will be doing some painting.
     What are your projects right now?  I would love to hear, leave a comment.  Thank you for visiting and please visit my other blogs in the sidebar and my Etsy Shop for fun things to see and buy priced very reasonably!

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Donna said...

It sounds so nice to sit and watch all the "critters" in the back yard. We're experiencing very hot weather here right now. Too hot to sit outside except early morning.

Hope you get back to painting. I'd love to see some of your work. I've been painting marble rollers and other things for my etsy shop.

Enjoy your week, Kerrie,

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful Post the photo's are excellent,


Doris Sturm said...

That bunny is so cute - Every morning when I walk down to the lake with the Gizz for our early morning walk, we see a couple of cottontails out and about grazing out in the open while everyone's still fast asleep...I saw a little bat today. At first I though tit was a little baby turtle in the grass and then it turned out to be a bat, only - I didn't have my camera with me - wouldn't you know it? I've never seen one life and close up bfore. I thought it was adorable. My friend Sandy and I think it fell in the water and came out to dry off..

I always enjoy your critter photos. Thanks for sharing :-) and God bless you both :-)